Guide to Computer Network Security, 5th ed. 2020 Edition

Guide to Computer Network Security, 5th ed. 2020 Edition

Book Description
This timely textbook presents a comprehensive guide to the core topics in cybersecurity, covering issues of security that extend beyond traditional computer networks to the ubiquitous mobile communications and online social networks that have become part of our daily lives. In the context of our growing dependence on an ever-changing digital ecosystem, this book stresses the importance of security awareness, whether in our homes, our businesses, or our public spaces.
This fully updated new edition features new material on the security issues raised by blockchain technology, and its use in logistics, digital ledgers, payments systems, and digital contracts.
Topics and features:
  • Explores the full range of security risks and vulnerabilities in all connected digital systems
  • Inspires debate over future developments and improvements necessary to enhance the security of personal, public, and private enterprise systems
  • Raises thought-provoking questions regarding legislative, legal, social, technical, and ethical challenges, such as the tension between privacy and security
  • Describes the fundamentals of traditional computer network security, and common threats to security
  • Reviews the current landscape of tools, algorithms, and professional best practices in use to maintain security of digital systems
  • Discusses the security issues introduced by the latest generation of network technologies, including mobile systems, cloud computing, and blockchain
  • Presents exercises of varying levels of difficulty at the end of each chapter, and concludes with a diverse selection of practical projects
  • Offers supplementary material for students and instructors at an associated website, including slides, additional projects, and syllabus suggestions
This important textbook/reference is an invaluable resource for students of computer science, engineering, and information management, as well as for practitioners working in data- and information-intensive industries.


Part I - Introduction to Traditional Computer Network Security
1. Computer Network Fundamentals
2. Computer Network Security Fundamentals

Part II - Security Issues and Challenges in the Traditional Computer Network
3. Security Threats and Threat Motives to Computer Networks
4. Introduction to Computer Network Vulnerabilities
5. Cyber Crimes and Hackers
6. Scripting and Security in Computer Networks and Web Browsers
7. Security Assessment, Analysis, and Assurance

Part III - Dealing with Computer Network Security Challenges
8. Disaster Management
9. Access Control and Authorization
10. Authentication
11. Cryptography
12. Firewalls
13. System Intrusion Detection and Prevention
14. Computer and Network Forensics
15. Virus and Content Filtering
16. Standardization and Security Criteria: Security Evaluation of Computer Products
17. Computer Network Security Protocols
18. Security in Wireless Networks and Devices
19. Security in Sensor Networks
20. Other Efforts to Secure Data in Computer Networks and Beyond

Part IV - The Emergence of the Digital and Social Network Ecosystem
21. Virtualization Technology and Security
22. Cloud Computing Technology and Security
23. Mobile Systems and Corresponding Intractable Security Issues
24. Internet of Things (IoT): Growth, Challenges, and Security
25. Blockchains, Cryptocurrency, and Smart Contracts Technology: Security Considerations

Part V - Securing the Last Frontiers – The Home Front
26. Conquering the Last Frontier in the Digital Invasion: The Home Front

Part VI - Hands-On Projects
27. Projects

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