Svelte 3 Up and Running

Svelte 3 Up and Running
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    Svelte 3 Up and Running: A practical guide to building production-ready static web apps with Svelte 3
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    Alessandro Segala
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    September 9, 2020
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    128 pages
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Book Description
Build your first project using the Svelte framework and deploy it to production in the cloud with automated testing and CI/CD

Key Features

  • Get up and running with the Svelte framework in no time with this quick introductory guide
  • Build faster and leaner JAMstack and front-end apps with great web as well as mobile app UX
  • Deploy your Svelte app to production using cloud services and DevOps principles such as automated testing and CI/CD

Book Description

Svelte is a modern framework used to build static browser apps that are fast and lean as well as fun for developers to use. This book is a concise and practical introduction for those who are new to the Svelte framework, which will have you up to speed with building apps quickly, and teach you how to use Svelte 3 to build apps that offer a great mobile app user experience (UX).
The book starts with an introduction to the Svelte framework, before showing you how to set up your first complete application with the framework. Filled with code samples, each chapter will show you how to write components using the Svelte template syntax and the application programming interfaces (APIs) of the Svelte framework. As you advance, you'll go from scaffolding your project and tool setup all the way through to production with automated testing, continuous integration, and continuous delivery (CI/CD). Finally, you'll deploy your application in the cloud with object storage and a content delivery network (CDN) for best-in-class performance for your users.
By the end of this book, you'll have learned how to build and deploy apps using Svelte 3 to solve real-world problems and deliver impressive results.

What you will learn

  • Find out why Svelte 3 is the go-to framework for building static web apps that offer great UX
  • Explore the tool setup that makes it easier to build and debug Svelte apps
  • Scaffold your web project and build apps using the Svelte framework
  • Create Svelte components using the Svelte templating syntax and its APIs
  • Combine Svelte components to build apps that solve complex real-world problems
  • Use Svelte's built-in animations and transitions for creating components
  • Implement routing for client-side single-page applications (SPAs)
  • Perform automated testing and deploy your Svelte apps, using CI/CD when applicable

Who This Book Is For

The book is for front-end or full-stack developers looking to build modern web apps. Web developers with experience in leading front-end jаvascript frameworks who wish to learn Svelte will find this book useful. The book assumes a solid understanding of jаvascript and core HTML5 technologies. Basic understanding of modern front-end frameworks will be beneficial, but not necessary.


Chapter 1: Meet Svelte
Chapter 2: Scaffolding Your Svelte Project
Chapter 3: Building Reactive Svelte Components
Chapter 4: Putting Your App Together
Chapter 5: Single-Page Applications with Svelte
Chapter 6: Going to Production
Chapter 7: Looking Forward

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