Doing Things with Games

Doing Things with Games

Book Description
The book provides a contemporary foundation in designing social impact games. It is structured in 3 parts: understanding, application, and implementation. The book serves as a guide to designing social impact games, particularly focused on the needs of, media professionals, indie game designers and college students. It serves as a guide for people looking to create social impact play, informed by heuristics in game design.
Key Features
  • Provides contemporary guide on the use of games to create social impact for beginner to intermediate practitioners
  • Provides design and implementation strategies for social impact games
  • Provides wide ranging case studies in social impact games
  • Provides professional advice from multiple social impact industry practitioners via sidebar interviews, quotes, and postmortems
  • Provides a quick start guide on creating a variety of social impact engagements across a wide variety of subjects and aims


Section I - Understanding
Chapter 1. An Introduction
Chapter 2. An Overview of Designing for Social Impact
Chapter 3. Engagement Design and Serious Play
Chapter 4. Educational Games

Section II - Application
Chapter 5. Changing the Body and Mind
Chapter 6. Defining Newsgames and Its Complements
Chapter 7. Persuasive Play
Chapter 8. Empathy Games
Chapter 9. Designing for Communities of Play
Chapter 10. Human Computation, Community Action, and Other Social Impacts

Section III - Implementation
Chapter 11. Prototyping, Ethics, and Testing
Chapter 12. Thinking about Implementation
Chapter 13. Implementation Tools

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