Practical Numerical C Programming

Practical Numerical C Programming
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    Practical Numerical C Programming: Finance, Engineering, and Physics Applications
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    Philip Joyce
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    1 edition
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    September 28, 2020
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    290 pages
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    PDF, ePUB

Book Description
Master the C code appropriate for numerical methods and computational modeling, including syntax, loops, subroutines, and files. Then, this hands-on book dives into financial applications using regression models, product moment correlation coefficients, and asset pricing. 
Next, Practical Numerical C Programming covers applications for engineering/business such as supermarket stock reordering simulation as well as flight information boards at airports and controlling a power plant. Finally, the book concludes with some  physics including building simulation models for energy and pendulum motion. Along the way, you’ll learn center-of-mass calculations, Brownian motion, and more. 
After reading and using this book, you'll come away with pragmatic case studies of actual applications using C code at work. Source code is freely available and includes the latest C20 standard release.  
What You Will Learn
  • Apply regression techniques to find the pattern for depreciation of the value of cars over a period of years
  • Work with the product moment correlation coefficient technique to illustrate the accuracy (or otherwise) of regression techniques
  • Use the past stock values of an asset to predict what its future values may be using Monte Carlo methods
  • Simulate the buying of supermarket stock by shoppers and check the remaining stock: if it is too low print a message to reorder the stock
  • Create a file of arrivals for an airport and send data to the airport’s display boards to show the current situation for the incoming flights
  • Simulate the patterns of particles moving in gases or solids 
Who This Book Is For 
Programmers and computational modelers with at least some prior experience with programming in C as well as programming in general.


Chapter 1: Review of C

Part I: Finance Applications
Chapter 2: Regression
Chapter 3: PMCC
Chapter 4: Stock Price Prediction

Part II: Commercial Applications
Chapter 5: Supermarket Stock
Chapter 6: Flight Information
Chapter 7: Power Plant Control

Part III: Physics Applications
Chapter 8: Energy Transfer
Chapter 9: Pendulum Simulation
Chapter 10: Center of Mass
Chapter 11: Brownian Motion
Chapter 12: Diffusion Lattice Model
Chapter 13: Chain Reaction

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