Smart Innovation of Web of Things

Smart Innovation of Web of Things
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    Smart Innovation of Web of Things
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    Aarti Jain, Rubén González Crespo, Manju Khari
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    1 edition
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    June 23, 2020
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    226 pages
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Book Description
The Web of Things (WoT) is a concept that describes approaches, programming tools and software architectural systems, which interface networks of real-world objects with the World Wide Web. The book is organized into 11 chapters, each focusing on a unique wireless technological aspect of the Web of Things, and it aims to comprehensively cover each of its various applications, including:
  • A strong emphasis on WoT problems and solutions, identifying the main open issues, innovations and latest technologies behind WoT
  • A blend of theoretical and simulation-based problems for better understanding of the concepts behind WoT
  • Various exemplifying applications in which the use of WoT is very attractive and an inspiration for future applications
The book will be useful to researchers, software developers and undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as practitioners.


1. Emergence of the Web of Things: A Survey
2. WoT-Enabled Delay-Tolerant Networks
3. Deep Learning-Based Decision-Making with WoT for Smart City Development
4. Predicting Epilepsy Seizures Using Machine Learning and IoT
5. Cognitive Radio Networks
6. Extended Paradigms for Botnets with WoT Applications: A Review
7. WoT-Enabled Smart Cities
8. WoT-Enabled Retail Management
9. WoT-Enabled Banking Sector Modernization
10. The Revolutionary Future Impact of the Web of Things in the Retail Industry: Toward Intelligent Retail
11. AndroSet: An Automated Tool to Create Datasets for Android Malware Detection and Functioning with WoT

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