Nanoscale Networking and Communications Handbook

Nanoscale Networking and Communications Handbook

Book Description
This comprehensive handbook serves as a professional reference as well as a practitioner’s guide to today’s most complete and concise view of nanoscale networking and communications. It offers in-depth coverage of theory, technology, and practice as they relate to established technologies and recent advancements. It explores practical solutions to a wide range of nanoscale networking and communications issues. Individual chapters, authored by leading experts in the field, address the immediate and long-term challenges in the authors’ respective areas of expertise.
Key Features
  • Identifies the main differences between nanonetworks and classical wireless networks and explains how to leverage those to develop new communication techniques for nanonetworks
  • Presents the different alternatives for network communication among nanomachines, whether these are nanomaterial-based devices or genetically modified cells
  • Provides a framework that will stimulate vision for a family of technologies in nanonetworking communications and multi-scale integration


Section i - Introduction
chapter 1. Graphene-Enabled Wireless Nanoscale Networking Communications in the Terahertz Band
chapter 2. Graphene-Based Antenna Design for Communications in the Terahertz Band
chapter 3. Terahertz Programmable Metasurfaces: Networks Inside Networks

Section ii - Nanoscale, Molecular Networking Communications
chapter 4. Channel Modeling for Nanoscale Communications and Networking
chapter 5. Channel Modeling and Capacity Analysis for Nanoscale Communications and Networking
chapter 6. Nanoscale Channel Modeling in Highly Integrated Computing Packages
chapter 7. Synchronization for Molecular Communications and Nanonetworking
chapter 8. Multiple Access Control Strategies for Nanoscale Communications and Networking
chapter 9. Media Access Control for Nanoscale Communications and Networking
chapter 10. Signal Processing for Nanoscale Communication and Networking

Section iii - Molecular Nanoscale Communication and Networking of Bio-Inspired Information and Communications Technologies
chapter 11. Communication Between Living and Nonliving Systems
chapter 12. Molecular Communication and Cellular Signaling from an Information-Theory Perspective
chapter 13. Design and Applications of Optical Near-Field Antenna Networks for Nanoscale Biomolecular Information
chapter 14. Basis of Pharmaceutical Formulation
chapter 15. Droplet-Based Microfluidics: Communications and Networking

Section iv - Advances in Nanoscale Networking-Communications Research and Development
chapter 16. Nanostructure-Enabled High-Performance Silicon-Based Photodiodes for Future Data-Communication Networks
chapter 17. Nanoscale Materials and Devices for Future Communication Networks
chapter 18. Microwave-Absorbing Properties of Single- and Multilayer Materials: Microwave-Heating Mechanism and Theory of Material–Microwave Interaction
chapter 19. Dynamic Mechanical and Fibrillation Behaviors of Nanofibers of LCP/PET Blended Droplets by Repeated Extrusion
chapter 20. Nanoscale Wireless Communications as Enablers of Massive Manycore Architectures

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