Android App-Hook and Plug-In Technology

Android App-Hook and Plug-In Technology

Book Description
This book presents the Android plug-in technology used in Android development. This technology is widely used by a majority of Chinese internet companies, and is becoming more widely used worldwide. The book fully describes the history of Android plug-in technology, the installation and startup process, and new features of the Android plug-in technology. It also explores plug-in solutions for peripheral technologies. The book is designed to help Android app developers better understand the underlying technology of the Android system.
  • Introduces Android system knowledge, including the communication between AMS and four components
  • Describes the Hook technique by Proxy.newProxyInstance and reflection, to modify Android system behavior, for example, to launch an activity not declared in the AndroidManifest.
  • Shows how to use the Hook apk packaging process in Gradle
  • Covers how to merge the resources in the plugin app and the host app, and how to merge dex of the host app and all the plugin apps
  • Presents the SO technique and how to launch SO files dynamically


Chapter 1. Plug-Ins from the Past to the Future
Chapter 2. The Underlying Knowledge of Android
Chapter 3. Reflection
Chapter 4. Proxy Pattern
Chapter 5. Hooking startActivity()
Chapter 6. The Basic Concepts of Plug-In Techniques
Chapter 7. Resources in Plug-In
Chapter 8. The Plug-In Solution of Four Components
Chapter 9. A Plug-In Solution Based on Static-Proxy
Chapter 10. Related Plug-In Techniques
Chapter 11. Summary of Plug-In Technology

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