Spring Boot Messaging

Spring Boot Messaging
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    Spring Boot Messaging: Messaging APIs for Enterprise and Integration Solutions
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    Felipe Gutierrez
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    1 edition
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    May 4, 2017
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    213 pages
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Book Description
Build messaging applications using the power of Spring Boot; use Spring application events over the Web; use WebSocket, SockJS, and STOMP messaging with Spring MVC; and use Spring JMS, Redis Pub/Sub and Spring AMQP for reliable messaging solutions. This book covers all the Spring Messaging APIs using Spring Boot. Written by a Pivotal engineer, Spring Boot Messaging is an authoritative guide to the many messaging APIs and how to use these for creating enterprise and integration solutions.
You will learn and integrate these messaging APIs with more complex enterprise and cloud applications: for example, you will see how to use Spring Cloud Stream for creating message-driven and cloud native microservices. In addition, you’ll discover the new Spring Integration DSL and use it with Spring Cloud Stream to build integration solutions using every enterprise integration pattern. Finally, you’ll see Spring Reactor and Spring Cloud to take your application to the next level.

After reading this book, you will come away with a case study application walk-through and will be able to use it as a template for building your own Spring messaging applications or messaging features within your enterprise or cloud application.

What You'll Learn
  • Use the main Spring messaging APIs with Spring Framework 5
  • Build messaging applications over the Web
  • Use WebSocket, SockJS, and STOMP messaging
  • Integrate Spring JMS and Spring AMQP into your applications
  • Work with Spring Cloud Stream and microservices
Who This Book Is For
Enterprise Java developers who have at least some previous experience with the Spring Framework and/or the Spring platform. 


Chapter 1: Messaging
Chapter 2: Spring Boot
Chapter 3: Application Events
Chapter 4: JMS with Spring Boot
Chapter 5: AMQP with Spring Boot
Chapter 6: Messaging with Redis
Chapter 7: Web Messaging
Chapter 8: Messaging with Spring Integration
Chapter 9: Messaging with Spring Cloud Stream
Chapter 10: Reactive Messaging
Chapter 11: Microservices

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