Professional Techniques for Video Game Writing, 2nd Edition

Professional Techniques for Video Game Writing, 2nd Edition

Book Description
This second edition of Professional Techniques for Video Game Writing is updated with new chapters and new authors, but it’s still a no-nonsense guide to the professional craft of writing for video games. Not only does the text cover story and narrative elements, but it also addresses dialogue, documentation, and strategy guides. Seasoned video game writers each address a different topic, including the best way to break into the video game industry, how to be an efficient part of a team, and the principles of narrative design. The book also offers script samples, technical writing advice, effective writing tips, and suggestions for how to innovate in game narrative.
Key Features
  • Comprehensive enough for veterans and accessible enough for novices
  • Goes into detail about how to write tutorials, script doctoring, and writing for AAA games
  • Delivers invaluable experiences directly from writers in the games industry
  • Full of practical advice from industry pros on how to get a job, and then how to get the job done


Chapter 1. Getting Writing Jobs in Video Games
Chapter 2. Game Script Formatting
Chapter 3. Documentation for Writers
Chapter 4. Writing Instructions, Helptext, Walkthroughs, and Manuals: Text to Train the Player
Chapter 5. Writing Tutorials: Write “Start” to Start
Chapter 6. Practical Techniques for Productivity: Getting the Work Done
Chapter 7. Collaborating with Art, Design, and Engineering
Chapter 8. Writing for AAA Games: Playing in the Big Leagues
Chapter 9. Writing for Indie Games
Chapter 10. Game Writing Remotely: How to Pay the Rent Working from Home
Chapter 11. Game Writing On Staff
Chapter 12. Keeping Localization in Mind: When Game Narrative Travels Abroad
Chapter 13. Writers in the Recording Studio
Chapter 14. Writing for Existing Licenses
Chapter 15. Writing for New IP
Chapter 16. Script Doctoring
Chapter 17. Writing Compelling Game Characters
Chapter 18. Hiring Philosophies: We Can Do Better
Chapter 19. If It Works, Break It: Game Narrative Tropes and Innovation

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