Coding for Beginners

Coding for Beginners
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    Coding for Beginners
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    Roger Engelbert
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    June 25, 2020
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    433 pages
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Book Description
A step-by-step guide to programming using code done in Python, jаvascript, C#, and F#. With easy to follow examples, each new chapter building upon the knowledge and experience acquired in the previous ones. If you ever wanted to learn to program and thought the topic too complex or the books available on the topic too inscrutable, this is the guide for you.


Part 1 - Introduction
Chapter 1. Feynman's Clerks
Chapter 2. But Why!
Chapter 3. About this book
Chapter 4. Let's Sort of Code a Sort

Part 2 - Conversion
Chapter 1. The Spell Checker, The Translator, The Critic and the Wardrobe
Chapter 2. All The Wrong Questions
Chapter 3. HOWALIVE
Chapter 4. I Promise This Is Not About Bitcoins

Part 3 -Find And Replace
Chapter 1. Backdoors
Chapter 2. What's In A Name?
Chapter 3. Sell you for Scraps
Chapter 4. Reading is For Champions

Part 4 - Express Yourself
Chapter 1. Aristocles And His Stick
Chapter 2. We Are All Cousins
Chapter 3. Intelligent Women Marry Dumb Men
Chapter 4. Birthday People
Chapter 5. Randomness Is Strange
Chapter 6. Let's Ruin Magic
Chapter 7. Oh, Monty!
Chapter 8. Let's Ruin Magic... Again
Chapter 9. The Shape Of The Planet
Chapter 10. Space-time

Part 5 - Paradigms
Chapter 1. Walk this way
Chapter 2. Procedural Murder
Chapter 3. Object-Oriented Programming 101
Chapter 4. Object-Oriented Murder
Chapter 5. Functional Programming 101
Chapter 6. Functional Murder
Chapter 7. Other Considerations

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