A Developer's Guide to Amazon SimpleDB

A Developer's Guide to Amazon SimpleDB
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    A Developer's Guide to Amazon SimpleDB
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    Mocky Habeeb
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    1 edition
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    August 12, 2010
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    288 pages
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Book Description
The Complete Guide to Building Cloud Computing Solutions with Amazon SimpleDB
Using SimpleDB, any organization can leverage Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon’s powerful cloud-based computing platform–and dramatically reduce the cost and resources associated with application infrastructure. Now, for the first time, there’s a complete developer’s guide to building production solutions with Amazon SimpleDB.
Pioneering SimpleDB developer Mocky Habeeb brings together all the hard-to-find information you need to succeed. Mocky tours the SimpleDB platform and APIs, explains their essential characteristics and tradeoffs, and helps you determine whether your applications are appropriate for SimpleDB. Next, he walks you through all aspects of writing, deploying, querying, optimizing, and securing Amazon SimpleDB applications–from the basics through advanced techniques.
Throughout, Mocky draws on his unsurpassed experience supporting developers on SimpleDB’s official Web forums. He offers practical tips and answers that can’t be found anywhere else, and presents extensive working sample code–from snippets to complete applications.
With A Developer’s Guide to Amazon SimpleDB you will be able to
  • Evaluate whether a project is suited for Amazon SimpleDB
  • Write SimpleDB applications that take full advantage of SimpleDB’s availability, scalability, and flexibility
  • Effectively manage the entire SimpleDB application lifecycle
  • Deploy cloud computing applications faster and more easily
  • Work with SELECT and bulk data operations
  • Fine tune queries to optimize performance
  • Integrate SimpleDB security into existing organizational security plans
  • Write and enhance runtime SimpleDB clients
  • Build complete applications using AJAX and SimpleDB
  • Understand low-level issues involved in writing clients and frameworks
  • Solve common SimpleDB usage problems and avoid hidden pitfalls
This book will be an indispensable resource for every IT professional evaluating or using SimpleDB to build cloud-computing applications, clients, or frameworks.


1. Introducing Amazon SimpleDB
2. Getting Started with SimpleDB
3. A Code-Snippet Tour of the SimpleDB API
4. A Closer Look at Select
5. Bulk Data Operations
6. Working Beyond the Boundaries
7. Planning for the Application Lifecycle
8. Security in SimpleDB-Based Applications
9. Increasing Performance
10. Writing a SimpleDB Client: A Language-Independent Guide
11. Improving the SimpleDB Client
12. Building a Web-Based Task List

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