Artificial Intelligent Techniques for Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Artificial Intelligent Techniques for Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles
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    Artificial Intelligent Techniques for Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles
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    Chitra A
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    1 edition
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    July 21, 2020
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    288 pages
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Book Description
Electric vehicles/hybrid electric vehicles (EV/HEV) commercialization is still a challenge in industries in terms of performance and cost. The performance along with cost reduction are two tradeoffs which need to be researched to arrive at an optimal solution. This book focuses on the convergence of various technologies involved in EV/HEV.
The book brings together the research that is being carried out in the field of EV/HEV whose leading role is by optimization techniques with artificial intelligence (AI). Other featured research includes green drive schemes which involve the possible renewable energy sources integration to develop eco-friendly green vehicles, as well as Internet of Things (IoT)-based techniques for EV/HEVs. Electric vehicle research involves multi-disciplinary expertise from electrical, electronics, mechanical engineering and computer science. Consequently, this book serves as a point of convergence wherein all these domains are addressed and merged and will serve as a potential resource for industrialists and researchers working in the domain of electric vehicles.


1. IoT-Based Battery Management System for Hybrid Electric Vehicle
2. A Noble Control Approach for Brushless Direct Current Motor Drive Using Artificial Intelligence for Optimum Operation of the Electric Vehicle
3. Optimization Techniques Used in Active Magnetic Bearing System for Electric Vehicles
4. Small-Signal Modelling Analysis of Three-Phase Power Converters for EV Applications
5. Energy Management of Hybrid Energy Storage System in PHEV With Various Driving Mode
6. Reliability Approach for the Power Semiconductor Devices in EV Applications
7. Modeling, Simulation and Analysis of Drive Cycles for PMSM-Based HEV With Optimal Battery Type
8. Modified Firefly-Based Maximum Power Point Tracking Algorithm for PV Systems Under Partial Shading Conditions
9. Induction Motor Control Schemes for Hybrid Electric Vehicles/Electric Vehicles
10. Intelligent Hybrid Battery Management System for Electric Vehicle
11. A Comprehensive Study on Various Topologies of Permanent Magnet Motor Drives for Electric Vehicles Application
12. A New Approach for Flux Computation Using Intelligent Technique for Direct Flux Oriented Control
13. A Review on Isolated DC–DC Converters Used in Renewable Power Generation Applications
14. Basics of Vector Control of Asynchronous Induction Motor and Introduction to Fuzzy Controller

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