AWS For Developers For Dummies

AWS For Developers For Dummies
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    AWS For Developers For Dummies
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    John Paul Mueller
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    1 edition
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    August 14, 2017
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    384 pages
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Book Description
Everything you need to get running with IaaS for Amazon Web Services
Modern businesses rely on Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)―a setup in which someone else foots the bill to create application environments―and developers are expected to know how to write both platform-specific and IaaS-supported applications. If you're a developer who writes desktop and web applications but have little-to-no experience with cloud development, this book is an essential tool in getting started in the IaaS environment with Amazon Web Services.
In Amazon Web Services For Developers For Dummies, you'll quickly and easily get up to speed on which language or platform will work best to meet a specific need, how to work with management consoles, ways you'll interact with services at the command line, how to create applications with the AWS API, and so much more.
  • Assess development options to produce the kind of result that's actually needed
  • Use the simplest approach to accomplish any given task
  • Automate tasks using something as simple as the batch processing features offered by most platforms
  • Create example applications using jаvascript, Python, and R
  • Discover how to use the XML files that appear in the management console to fine tune your configuration
Making sense of Amazon Web Services doesn't have to be as difficult as it seems―and this book shows you how.


Part 1: Discovering the AWS Development Environment
Chapter 1: Starting Your AWS Adventure
Chapter 2: Obtaining Development Access to Amazon Web Services
Chapter 3: Choosing the Right Services

Part 2: Starting the Development Process
Chapter 4: Considering AWS Communication Strategies
Chapter 5: Creating a Development Environment
Chapter 6: Creating a Virtual Server Using EC2

Part 3: Performing Basic Development Tasks
Chapter 7: Understanding AWS Input/Output
Chapter 8: Developing Web Apps Using Elastic Beanstalk
Chapter 9: Developing Batch Processes and Scripts
Chapter 10: Responding to Events with Lambda

Part 4: Interacting with Databases
Chapter 11: Getting Basic DBMS Using RDS
Chapter 12: Programming Techniques for AWS and MySQL
Chapter 13: Gaining NoSQL Access Using DynamoDB

Part 5: The Part of Tens
Chapter 14: Ten Ways to Create AWS Applications Quickly
Chapter 15: Ten AWS Tools Every Developer Needs

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