Pro Entity Framework Core 2 for ASP.NET Core MVC

Pro Entity Framework Core 2 for ASP.NET Core MVC
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    Pro Entity Framework Core 2 for ASP.NET Core MVC
  • Author:
    Adam Freeman
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    1 edition
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    April 19, 2018
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    671 pages
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    PDF, ePUB

Book Description
Model, map, and access data effectively with Entity Framework Core 2, the latest evolution of Microsoft’s object-relational mapping framework. You will access data utilizing .NET objects via the most common data access layer used in ASP.NET Core MVC 2 projects. 
Best-selling author Adam Freeman explains how to get the most from Entity Framework Core 2 in MVC projects. He begins by describing the different ways that Entity Framework Core 2 can model data and the different types of databases that can be used. He then shows you how to use Entity Framework Core 2 in your own MVC projects, starting from the nuts and bolts and building up to the most advanced and sophisticated features, going in-depth to give you the knowledge you need. Chapters include common problems and how to avoid them.

What You’ll Learn
  • Gain a solid architectural understanding of Entity Framework Core 2
  • Create databases using your MVC data model 
  • Create MVC models using an existing database 
  • Access data in an MVC application using Entity Framework Core 2
  • Use Entity Framework in RESTful Web Services
Who This Book Is For
ASP.NET Core MVC 2 developers who want to use Entity Framework Core 2 as the data access layer in their projects


Part I: Introducing Entity Framework Core 2
Chapter 1: Entity Framework Core in Context
Chapter 2: Your First Entity Framework Core Application
Chapter 3: Working with Databases
Chapter 4: SportsStore: A Real (Data) Application
Chapter 5: SportsStore: Storing Data
Chapter 6: SportsStore: Modifying and Deleting Data
Chapter 7: SportsStore: Expanding the Model
Chapter 8: SportsStore: Scaling Up
Chapter 9: SportsStore: Customer Features
Chapter 10: SportsStore: Creating a RESTful Web Service

Part II: Entity Framework Core 2 in Detail
Chapter 11: Working with Entity Framework Core
Chapter 12: Performing Data Operations
Chapter 13: Understanding Migrations
Chapter 14: Creating Data Relationships
Chapter 15: Working with Relationships Part 1
Chapter 16: Working with Relationship Part 2
Chapter 17: Scaffolding an Existing Database
Chapter 18: Manually Modeling a Database

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