The Discrete Math Workbook: A Companion Manual Using Python

The Discrete Math Workbook: A Companion Manual Using Python
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    The Discrete Math Workbook: A Companion Manual Using Python
  • Author:
    Sergei Kurgalin, Sergei Borzunov
  • Edition:
    2nd ed. 2020 edition
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    August 12, 2020
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    517 pages
  • Format:
    PDF, ePUB

Book Description
This practically-focused study guide introduces the fundamentals of discrete mathematics through an extensive set of classroom-tested problems. Each chapter presents a concise introduction to the relevant theory, followed by a detailed account of common challenges and methods for overcoming these. The reader is then encouraged to practice solving such problems for themselves, by tackling a varied selection of questions and assignments of different levels of complexity.
This updated second edition now covers the design and analysis of algorithms using Python, and features more than 50 new problems, complete with solutions.

Topics and features: provides a substantial collection of problems and examples of varying levels of difficulty, suitable for both laboratory practical training and self-study; offers detailed solutions to each problem, applying commonly-used methods and computational schemes; introduces the fundamentals of mathematical logic, the theory of algorithms, Boolean algebra, graph theory, sets, relations, functions, and combinatorics; presents more advanced material on the design and analysis of algorithms, including Turing machines, asymptotic analysis, and parallel algorithms; includes reference lists of trigonometric and finite summation formulae in an appendix, together with basic rules for differential and integral calculus.This hands-on workbook is an invaluable resource for undergraduate students of computer science, informatics, and electronic engineering. Suitable for use in a one- or two-semester course on discrete mathematics, the text emphasizes the skills required to develop and implement an algorithm in a specific programming language.


1. Fundamentals of Mathematical Logic
2. Set Theory
3. Relations and Functions
4. Combinatorics
5. Graphs
6. Boolean Algebra
7. Complex Numbers
8. Recurrence Relations
9. Concept of an Algorithm. Correctness of Algorithms
10. Turing Machine
11. Asymptotic Analysis
12. Basic Algorithms
13. Parallel Algorithms

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