The Everyday Internet All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies, 3rd Edition

The Everyday Internet All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies, 3rd Edition
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    The Everyday Internet All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies, 3rd Edition
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    Peter Weverka
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    3 edition
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    May 6, 2005
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    624 pages
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Book Description
The Internet made its way into everyday life as a tool people used occasionally to keep in touch with friends and gather information for personal or business needs. Now, thanks to high-speed connections, wireless access, and safe and powerful Web sites, the Internet has become the main means for handling personal finance, shopping for big-ticket items, and communicating with people around the world. It's to the point where many people can't get through the day without turning to the Internet to get things accomplished.
The Everyday Internet All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies is the complete resource for casual Internet users who are looking to make the jump to becoming experienced navigators of the wired world. Written by Internet guru Peter Weverka, this book walks readers through the basics of going online before heading into the realms of online bargain shopping, bill paying, personal finance, keeping up with hobbies, and even setting up an online business.
* The material is broken into mini-books that make it easier to find an answer and keep moving along the online highway
* This book clarifies all the mysteries of how to use the Internet to make everyday life simpler
* Covers key Internet properties like eBay, Google, and Yahoo! as well as favorite tasks like playing games, tracing family roots, and keeping a diary online


Book I: Getting Started
Chapter 1: Getting Acquainted with the Internet
Chapter 2: Choosing an Internet Service 
Chapter 3: Setting Up Your Internet Connections
Chapter 4: Protecting Your Privacy and Security
Chapter 5: Using America Online
Chapter 6: Getting the Plug-Ins You Need
Chapter 7: The Internet for Children and Parents 

Book II: Exploring the Internet
Chapter 1: Browsing around the Internet
Chapter 2: A Look at Different Browsers 
Chapter 3: Strategies for Internet Searching 
Chapter 4: Advanced Tools for Scholars and Researchers 
Chapter 5: The Internet as a Reference Library 
Chapter 6: Read All about It 

Book III: E-Mailing 
Chapter 1: A Quick Introduction to E-Mailing 
Chapter 2: E-Mailing with Outlook 
Chapter 3: E-Mailing with Outlook Express 
Chapter 4: Yahoo! and Other Web-Based E-Mail Services 
Chapter 5: Only You Can Prevent Spam 

Book IV: Quick Communicating
Chapter 1: Instant Messaging 
Chapter 2: Blogs and Online Journals 
Chapter 3: Mailing Lists and Message Boards 
Chapter 4: Newsgroups and the Usenet 
Chapter 5: Joining, Starting, and Managing a Yahoo! Group 
Chapter 6: Chatting Online 
Chapter 7: Free Web Sites at Yahoo! GeoCities 
Chapter 8: Making Friends and Connections Online 
Chapter 9: Using Your PC as a Telephone 

Book V: Your Personal Finances 
Chapter 1: Searching for Financial Information 
Chapter 2: Monitoring and Tracking Investments 
Chapter 3: Banking and Paying Bills Online 

Book VI: Bargain Shopping
Chapter 1: Searching for Bargains 
Chapter 2: Buying at an Online Auction
Chapter 3: Using PayPal 
Chapter 4: Taking a Stroll through the Cyberbazaar 

Book VII: Selling on the Internet
Chapter 1: Selling Items on eBay 
Chapter 2: Selling Items Online 
Chapter 3: Sending It to the Buyer 

Book VIII: Hobbies and Pastimes 
Chapter 1: Playing Games Online 
Chapter 2: Planning Your Next Vacation 
Chapter 3: Let Me Entertain You 
Chapter 4: The Internet for Music Lovers 
Chapter 5: Buying and Playing Music with iTunes 
Chapter 6: Genealogy Online 

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