Neural Networks for Natural Language Processing

Neural Networks for Natural Language Processing
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    Neural Networks for Natural Language Processing
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    Sumathi S., Janani M.
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    1 edition
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    November 29, 2019
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    227 pages
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Book Description
Information in todays advancing world is rapidly expanding and becoming widely available. This eruption of data has made handling it a daunting and time-consuming task. Natural language processing (NLP) is a method that applies linguistics and algorithms to large amounts of this data to make it more valuable. NLP improves the interaction between humans and computers, yet there remains a lack of research that focuses on the practical implementations of this trending approach.
Neural Networks for Natural Language Processing is a collection of innovative research on the methods and applications of linguistic information processing and its computational properties. This publication will support readers with performing sentence classification and language generation using neural networks, apply deep learning models to solve machine translation and conversation problems, and apply deep structured semantic models on information retrieval and natural language applications. While highlighting topics including deep learning, query entity recognition, and information retrieval, this book is ideally designed for research and development professionals, IT specialists, industrialists, technology developers, data analysts, data scientists, academics, researchers, and students seeking current research on the fundamental concepts and techniques of natural language processing.


Chapter 1. Deep Learning Network: Deep Neural Networks
Chapter 2. A Journey From Neural Networks to Deep Networks: Comprehensive Understanding for Deep Learning
Chapter 3. Current Trends in Deep Learning Frameworks With Opportunities and Future Prospectus
Chapter 4. Emotion Recognition From Speech Using Perceptual Filter and Neural Network
Chapter 5. Ontology Creation
Chapter 6. Semantic Similarity Using Register Linear Question Classification (RLQC) for Question Classification
Chapter 7. Knowledge Graph Generation
Chapter 8. Develop a Neural Model to Score Bigram of Words Using Bag-of-Words Model for Sentiment Analysis
Chapter 9. Deep Learning Approach for Extracting Catch Phrases from Legal Documents
Chapter 10. Enhanced Sentiment Classification Using Recurrent Neural Networks
Chapter 11. Natural Language Processing-Based Information Extraction and Abstraction for Lease Documents
Chapter 12. Neural Network Applications in Hate Speech Detection

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