TypeScript High Performance

TypeScript High Performance
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    TypeScript High Performance: Code for performance, use asynchronous programming, and deliver resources efficiently
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    Ajinkya Kher
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    August 24, 2017
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    230 pages
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    PDF, ePUB

Book Description

Key Features

  • Efficiently use Data Structures, Language Constructs, & Handle Asynchrony
  • Monitor the performance, Code Quality, & Resource Optimizations
  • Build & Deploy Strategies for Large Scale TypeScript Projects

Book Description

In a world where a tiny decrease in frames per second impacts customer engagement greatly, writing highly scalable code is more of a necessity than a luxury. Using TypeScript you get type checking during development. This gives you the power to write optimized code quickly. This book is also a solid tool to those who're curious to understand the impact of performance in production, and it is of the greatest aid to the proactive developers who like to be cognizant of and avoid the classic pitfalls while coding.
The book will starts with explaining the efficient implementation of basic data Structures, data types, and flow control. You will then learn efficient use of advanced language constructs and asynchronous programming. Further, you'll learn different configurations available with TSLint to improve code quality and performance. Next, we'll introduce you to the concepts of profiling and then we deep dive into profiling JS with several tools such as firebug, chrome, fiddler. Finally, you'll learn techniques to build and deploy real world large scale TypeScript applications.

What you will learn

  • Learn about the critical rendering path, and the performance metrics involved along the same
  • Explore the detailed inner intricacies of a web browser
  • Build a large scale front end applications and learn the thought process behind architecting such an effort
  • Understand the challenges of scalability and how TypeScript renders itself


Chapter 1: Efficient Implementation of Basic Data Structures and Algorithms
Chapter 2: Variable Declarations, Namespaces, and Modules
Chapter 3: Efficient Usage of Advanced Language Constructs
Chapter 4: Asynchronous Programming and Responsive UI
Chapter 5: Writing Quality Code
Chapter 6: Efficient Resource Loading - Critical Rendering Path
Chapter 7: Profile Deployed JS with Developer Tools and Fiddler
Chapter 8: Build and Deployment Strategies for Large-Scale Projects

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