Loose Leaf for Management: A Practical Introduction, 9th Edition

Loose Leaf for Management: A Practical Introduction, 9th Edition
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    Loose Leaf for Management: A Practical Introduction, 9th Edition
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    Angelo Kinicki, Brian Williams
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    9 edition
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    January 22, 2019
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    1696 pages
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Book Description
Management: A Practical Introduction 9e empowers students to develop the management skills necessary in everyday life through the practical and relevant application of theory. Developed to help students read and learn management with a purpose, it takes a student-centered approach. The revision introduces a new strategic career readiness theme throughout to address employers’ concerns about students graduating without being career ready.  It continues to engage students through current examples, imaginative writing, and resources that work. Their unique Teaching Resource Manual offers numerous suggestions for creating a discussion-oriented, experiential classroom.


PART 1 - Introduction
1. The Exceptional Manager: What You Do, How You Do It
2. Management Theory: Essential Background for the Successful Manager

PART 2 - The Environment of Management
3. The Manager’s Changing Work Environment and Ethical Responsibilities: Doing the Right Thing
4. Global Management: Managing across Borders

PART 3 - Planning
5. Planning: The Foundation of Successful Management
6. Strategic Management: How Exceptional Managers Realize a Grand Design
7. Individual and Group Decision Making: How Managers Make Things Happen

PART 4 - Organizing
8. Organizational Culture, Structure, and Design: Building Blocks of the Organization
9. Human Resource Management: Getting the Right People for Managerial Success
10. Organizational Change and Innovation: Lifelong Challenges for the Exceptional Manager

PART 5 - Leading
11. Managing Individual Differences and Behavior: Supervising People as People
12. Motivating Employees: Achieving Superior Performance in the Workplace
13. Groups and Teams: Increasing Cooperation, Reducing Conflict
14. Power, Influence, and Leadership: From Becoming a Manager to Becoming a Leader
15. Interpersonal and Organizational Communication: Mastering the Exchange of Information

PART 6 - Controlling
16. Control Systems and Quality Management: Techniques for Enhancing Organizational Effectiveness

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