Macroeconomics: Principles & Policy, 14th Edition

Macroeconomics: Principles & Policy, 14th Edition
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    Macroeconomics: Principles & Policy, 14th Edition
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    William J. Baumol, Alan S. Blinder, John L. Solow
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    14 edition
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    March 21, 2019
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    464 pages
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Book Description
Master today's principles of macroeconomics and gain an understanding of current economic issues with the solid introduction and policy-based examples and applications found in Baumol/Blinder/Solow's MACROECONOMICS: PRINCIPLES AND POLICY, 14E. Written by three of today's most respected economists, this book is one of the most up-to-date macroeconomics texts on the market -- incorporating data and issues as recent as 2018. The authors combine the right level of rigor and detail to clarify even the most complicated macroeconomic concepts. An entirely new chapter closes the book by delving into some of the most important issues confronting the U.S. economy today. Throughout this edition, well-developed examples, intriguing puzzles and meaningful macroeconomic issues provide an excellent balance of theory to application while keeping you engaged and intrigued.


Part 1 - Getting Acquainted with Economics
Chapter 1. What Is Economics?
Chapter 2. The Economy: Myth and Reality
Chapter 3. The Fundamental Economic Problem: Scarcity and Choice
Chapter 4. Supply and Demand: An Initial Look

Part 2 - The Macroeconomy: Aggregate Supply and Demand
Chapter 5. An Introduction to Macroeconomics
Chapter 6. The Goals of Macroeconomic Policy
Chapter 7. Economic Growth: Theory and Policy
Chapter 8. Aggregate Demand and the Powerful Consumer
Chapter 9. Demand-Side Equilibrium: Unemployment or Inflation?
Chapter 10. Bringing in the Supply Side: Unemployment and Inflation?

Part 3 - Fiscal and Monetary Policy
Chapter 11. Managing Aggregate Demand: Fiscal Policy
Chapter 12. Money and the Banking System
Chapter 13. Monetary Policy: Conventional and Unconventional
Chapter 14. The Financial Crisis and the Great Recession
Chapter 15. The Debate Over Monetary and Fiscal Policy
Chapter 16. Budget Deficits in the Short and Long Run
Chapter 17. The Trade-Off Between Inflation and Unemployment

Part 4 - The United States in the World Economy
Chapter 18. International Trade and Comparative Advantage
Chapter 19. The International Monetary System: Order or Disorder?
Chapter 20. Exchange Rates and the Macroeconomy

Part 5 - The Economy Today
Chapter 21. Contemporary Issues in the U.S. Economy

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