Principles of Economics, 9th Edition

Principles of Economics, 9th Edition
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    Principles of Economics, 9th Edition
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    N. Gregory Mankiw
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    9 edition
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    January 1, 2020
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    864 pages
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Book Description
Now you can master the principles of economics with the help of the most popular economics textbook trusted by students worldwide — Mankiws PRINCIPLES OF ECONOMICS, 9E. Using a clear, inviting writing style, this book emphasizes only the material that helps you better understand the world and economy in which you live. You learn to become a more astute participant in today’s economy with a strong understanding of both the potential and limits of economic policy. The latest relevant examples bring economic principles to life. Acclaimed author Gregory Mankiw explains, “I tried to put myself in the position of someone seeing economics for the first time. My goal is to emphasize the material that students should and do find interesting about the study of the economy.” To help you further master the key principles of economics in this edition, powerful student-focused digital resources are available in the leading MindTap digital learning and homework solution.


Part I - Introduction
1. Ten Principles of Economics
2. Thinking Like an Economist
3. Interdependence and the Gains from Trade

Part II - How Markets Work
4. The Market Forces of Supply and Demand
5. Elasticity and Its Application
6. Supply, Demand, and Government Policies

Part III - Markets and Welfare
7. Consumers, Producers, and the Efficiency of Markets
8. Application: The Costs of Taxation
9. Application: International Trade

Part IV - The Economics of the Public Sector
10. Externalities
11. Public Goods and Common Resources
12. The Design of the Tax System

Part V - Firm Behavior and the Organization of Industry
13. The Costs of Production
14. Firms in Competitive Markets
15. Monopoly
16. Monopolistic Competition
17. Oligopoly

Part VI - The Economics of Labor Markets
18. The Markets for the Factors of Production
19. Earnings and Discrimination
20. Income Inequality and Poverty

Part VII - Topics for Further Study
21. The Theory of Consumer Choice
22. Frontiers of Microeconomics

Part VIII - The Data of Macroeconomics
23. Measuring a Nation’s Income
24. Measuring the Cost of Living

Part IX - The Real Economy in the Long Run
25. Production and Growth
26. Saving, Investment, and the Financial System
27. The Basic Tools of Finance
28. Unemployment

Part X - Money and Prices in the Long Run
29. The Monetary System
30. Money Growth and Inflation

Part XI - The Macroeconomics of Open Economies
31. Open-Economy Macroeconomics: Basic Concepts
32. A Macroeconomic Theory of the Open Economy

Part XII - Short-Run Economic Fluctuations
33. Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply
34. The Influence of Monetary and Fiscal Policy on Aggregate Demand
35. The Short-Run Trade-Off between Inflation and Unemployment

Part XIII - Final Thoughts
36. Six Debates over Macroeconomic Policy

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