Multiphysics Modeling with Application to Biomedical Engineering

Multiphysics Modeling with Application to Biomedical Engineering
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    Multiphysics Modeling with Application to Biomedical Engineering
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    Z. Yang
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    1 edition
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    July 23, 2020
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    174 pages
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Book Description
The aim of this book is to introduce the simulation of various physical fields and their applications for biomedical engineering, which will provide a base for researchers in the biomedical field to conduct further investigation.
The entire book is classified into three levels. It starts with the first level, which presents the single physical fields including structural analysis, fluid simulation, thermal analysis, and acoustic modeling. Then, the second level consists of various couplings between two physical fields covering structural thermal coupling, porous media, fluid structural interaction (FSI), and acoustic FSI. The third level focuses on multi-coupling that coupling with more than two physical fields in the model. Each part in all levels is organized as the physical feature, finite element implementation, modeling procedure in ANSYS, and the specific applications for biomedical engineering like the FSI study of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA), acoustic wave transmission in the ear, and heat generation of the breast tumor.
The book should help for the researchers and graduate students conduct numerical simulation of various biomedical coupling problems. It should also provide all readers with a better understanding of various couplings.


Chapter 1.  Introduction

Section I - Single Physics Phases
Chapter 2. Structural Analysis
Chapter 3. Fluid Analysis
Chapter 4. Acoustic Analysis
Chapter 5. Thermal Analysis

Section II - Coupling Between Two Physics Phases
Chapter 6. Introduction of Coupling Problems
Chapter 7. Fluid-Structure Interaction
Chapter 8. Modeling of Porous Media
Chapter 9. Acoustic-Structural Coupling
Chapter 10. Thermal-Structural Coupling

Section III - Coupling among More Than Two Physics Phases
Chapter 11. Thermal Analysis of Porous Media
Chapter 12. A CFD-FEA Coupling Study of Blood Flow in the Abnormal Cardiovascular System

Section IV - Retrospective
Chapter 13. Retrospective

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