Hands-on Azure Pipelines

Hands-on Azure Pipelines
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    Hands-on Azure Pipelines: Understanding Continuous Integration and Deployment in Azure DevOps
  • Author:
    Chaminda Chandrasekara, Pushpa Herath
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    1 edition
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    August 8, 2020
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    216 pages
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    PDF, ePUB

Book Description
Build, package, and deploy software projects, developed with any language targeting any platform, using Azure pipelines.
The book starts with an overview of CI/CD and the need for software delivery automation. It further delves into the basic concepts of Azure pipelines followed by a hands-on guide to setting up agents on all platforms enabling software development in any language. Moving forward, you will learn to set up a pipeline using the classic Visual Editor using PowerShell scripts, a REST API, building edit history, retention, and much more. You’ll work with artifact feeds to store deployment packages and consume them in a build. As part of the discussion you’ll see the implementation and usage of YAML (Yet Another Markup Language) build pipelines. You will then create Azure release pipelines in DevOps and develop extensions for Azure pipelines. Finally, you will learn various strategies and patterns for developing pipelines and go through some sample lessons on building and deploying pipelines. 
After reading Hands-on Azure Pipelines, you will be able to combine CI and CD to constantly and consistently test and build your code and ship it to any target.

What You Will Learn
  • Work with Azure build-and-release pipelines
  • Extend the capabilities and features of Azure pipelines
  • Understand build, package, and deployment strategies, and versioning and patterns with Azure pipelines
  • Create infrastructure and deployment that targets commonly used Azure platform services
  • Build and deploy mobile applications
  • Use quick-start Azure DevOps projects
Who This Book Is For
Software developers and test automation engineers who are involved in the software delivery process.


Chapter 1: Understanding the Importance of Software Delivery Automation
Chapter 2: Overview of Azure Pipelines
Chapter 3: Setting Up Pools, Deployment Groups, and Agents
Chapter 4: Creating Build Pipelines-Classic-Source Control, Templates, Jobs, and Tasks
Chapter 5: Creating Build Pipelines – Classic – Variables, Triggers, Filters, Options, and Retaining
Chapter 6: Creating Build Pipelines –Classic-Queuing, Debugging, Task Groups, Artifacts, and Import/Export Options
Chapter 7: Using Artifacts
Chapter 8: Creating and Using YAML Build Pipelines
Chapter 9: Azure Release Pipelines – Service Connections, Templates, Artifacts, Stages, and Environments
Chapter 10: Azure Release Pipelines – Jobs, Deployment Groups, Variables, and Other Options
Chapter 11: REST API, Command Line, and Extension Development
Chapter 12: Integrating Tests to Pipelines

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