Geometrical and Visual Optics, 3rd Edition

Geometrical and Visual Optics, 3rd Edition
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    Geometrical and Visual Optics, 3rd Edition
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    Steven Schwartz
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    3 edition
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    January 3, 2019
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    432 pages
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Book Description
The acclaimed introductory text to geometrical and visual optics --- now in full color

Geometrical and Visual Optics, Third Edition is a rigorous, yet approachable text that expertly combines basic optics with clinical application in a way that brings key optometry topics to life. It is meant to be a concise and user-friendly resource for clinicians as they begin their study of optics, and as they eventually prepare for licensing examinations. The book emphasizes optical concepts and problem-solving skills that underlie contemporary clinical eye care, and because of its clinical utility, a vergence approach is stressed.

• 3 complete practice exams, totaling 122 questions 
• 200+ end-of-chapter self-assessment problems with detailed worked-out solutions
• Full-color figures and clinical highlights
• Learning Objectives appear at the beginning of each chapter
• Color highlighted summaries, sample problems, and tables
• Summary and list of formulas appear at the end of each chapter
• NEW CHAPTER on lens thickness; and prism coverage has been expanded to include vertical imbalance
• In-depth coverage of geometrical and visual optics spans the full spectrum of topics, from refraction at spherical surfaces, to thin and thick lenses, to depth of field, ametropia, magnification, retinal image size, and reflection
• Primary emphasis is on core concepts, with a minimum of formulas and superfluous mathematics


1. Basic Terms and Concepts
2. Refraction at Spherical Surfaces
3. The Vergence Relationship
4. Thin Lenses
5. Optical Systems with Multiple Surfaces
6. Optical Properties of Thick Lenses
7. Spherical Ametropia
8. Accommodation
9. Cylindrical Lenses and the Correction of Astigmatism
10. Prisms
11. Lens Thickness
12. Depth of Field
13. Magnifying Lenses and Electronic Magnification
14. Telescopes
15. Retinal Image Size
16. Reflection
17. Aberrations

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