Mastering 3D Printing in the Classroom, Library, and Lab

Mastering 3D Printing in the Classroom, Library, and Lab

Book Description
Learn how to manage and integrate the technology of 3D printers in the classroom, library, and lab. With this book, the authors give practical, lessons-learned advice about the nuts and bolts of what happens when you mix 3D printers, teachers, students, and the general public in environments ranging from K-12 and university classrooms to libraries, museums, and after-school community programs.

Take your existing programs to the next level with Mastering 3D Printing in the Classroom, Library, and Lab. Organized in a way that is readable and easy to understand, this book is your guide to the many technology options available now in both software and hardware, as well as a compendium of practical use cases and a discussion of how to create experiences that will align with curriculum standards. 

You'll examine the whole range of working with a 3D printer, from purchase decision to curriculum design. Finally this book points you forward to the digital-fabrication future current students will face, discussing how key skills can be taught as cost-effectively as possible.

What You’ll Learn
  • Discover what is really involved with using a 3D printer in a classroom, library, lab, or public space
  • Review use cases of 3D printers designed to enhance student learning and to make practical parts, from elementary school through university research lab
  • Look at career-planning directions in the emerging digital fabrication arena
  • Work with updated tools, hardware, and software for 3D printing
Who This Book Is For
Educators of all levels, both formal (classroom) and informal (after-school programs, libraries, museums).


Part I: 3D Printing: State of the Art
Chapter 1: Why Use a 3D Printer?
Chapter 2: 3D Printers and Printable Materials
Chapter 3: 3D Printer Workflow and Software

Part II: Living with Your 3D Printer
Chapter 4: Selecting a Printer: Comparing Technologies
Chapter 5: Living with Your 3D Printer
Chapter 6: 3D Models

Part III: 3D Printing Curriculum Development
Chapter 7: Classroom Issues
Chapter 8: Art and Theater
Chapter 9: Engineering, Math, and Science
Chapter 10: Language Arts and Social Studies
Chapter 11: Elementary Students
Chapter 12: The Special-Needs Student

Part IV: Building Lifelong Skills
Chapter 13: University Research Applications
Chapter 14: Community and Careers

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