GameMaker: Studio 100 Programming Challenges

GameMaker: Studio 100 Programming Challenges

Book Description
Push your GameMaker programming skills to the edge with 100 programming challenges using the popular GameMaker: Studio and GML. Each challenge includes an outline of the challenge, a scoring and time guide, useful GML code, and a working example provided in GMZ format. For more advanced programmers, each challenge comes with an additional task to complete.

Think you're a good GameMaker game application developer or programmer? Think again with this awesome book!

What You'll Learn
  • Upgrade your skills with each specific game application coding challenge
  • Create many different game events, action or scenarios
  • Code for many different kinds of game applications or themes from space to adventure to sports to fantasy
Who This Book Is For
GameMaker and GameMaker: Studio users and coders. 


Challenge 1: Maths Bar Graph
Challenge 2: Draggable and Movable Object
Challenge 3: Room Fade In and Out Transition
Challenge 4: Typewriter Text Effect
Challenge 5: Audio Volume Change Based on Distance
Challenge 6: Move Object to Position Using Path
Challenge 7: Make the Screen Shake
Challenge 8: Create Snow Effect
Challenge 9: Password Easter Egg
Challenge 10: Follow Two Objects in View
Challenge 11: High / Low Number Game
Challenge 12: Calculate the Average Position of Two Clicks
Challenge 13: Retrieve Text File from Web and Save Locally
Challenge 14: Shuffle Pack of Playing Cards and Deal 5
Challenge 15: Reverse Sentence Order
Challenge 16: Rotate and Move Object to Mouse Position
Challenge 17: Firework Display Using Effects
Challenge 18: Random Sentence Generator
Challenge 19: Pop-Up RPG Style Text Box
Challenge 20: Room Wrapping
Challenge 21: Sprite Shadow
Challenge 22: Make a Jukebox Player for Four Songs
Challenge 23: Scrolling Credits
Challenge 24: Random Dice Roller
Challenge 25: Substitution Cipher
Challenge 26: Save Highscore to INI
Challenge 27: Spawn Point
Challenge 28: Dictionary Check
Challenge 29: Draw Text with Shadow
Challenge 30: Classic Brick and Ball Game Remake
Challenge 31: Fire Projectile
Challenge 32: World Clock
Challenge 33: Text-Based Quiz
Challenge 34: Onscreen Keyboard
Challenge 35: Create a Drivable Tank That Leaves Tyre Tracks
Challenge 36: Parallax Background
Challenge 37: Click the Ghost
Challenge 38: Particle Fire Effect
Challenge 39: Bubble Sort
Challenge 40: Unlockable Levels Select Screen
Challenge 41: Moon Lander AI
Challenge 42: Dodge the Barrels
Challenge 43: Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit
Challenge 44: Dart Board Game
Challenge 45: Calculate BMI
Challenge 46: Colour Picker
Challenge 47: 10 Green Bottles
Challenge 48: English to Morse Code
Challenge 49: Blitz Game Remake
Challenge 50: Mini Golf Game Remake
Challenge 51: Rock, Paper, Scissors Game Remake
Challenge 52: Health Based on Distance
Challenge 53: Tank Trax Game Remake
Challenge 54: Two Separate Views
Challenge 55: Word Typing Game
Challenge 56: Destructible Terrain
Challenge 57: Duck Hunt Game Remake
Challenge 58: Keep Player in View
Challenge 59: Fizz Buzz
Challenge 60: Calculate Numbers
Challenge 61: Particle Trail Effect
Challenge 62: Draw a Rectangle and Calculate Area and Perimeter
Challenge 63: Tower Defense Game
Challenge 64: Drop the Coin AKA Plinko (Arcade Style)
Challenge 65: Calculate the Nth Result of Fibonacci Sequence
Challenge 66: Distance from Object to Mouse
Challenge 67: Convert Decimal to Binary, Oct, Hex, and Roman
Challenge 68: Text in X Box
Challenge 69: Frogger Game Remake
Challenge 70: Take a Screenshot
Challenge 71: Slowly Change Direction
Challenge 72: Pong Style Game Remake
Challenge 73: Shooting Gallery
Challenge 74: How Many of Each Letter
Challenge 75: Torpedo Game Remake
Challenge 76: One Hundred Random Numbers
Challenge 77: Coin Flip
Challenge 78: Predict the Path of an Object
Challenge 79: Dynamic Button
Challenge 80: Sokoban Game Remake
Challenge 81: Top Down Football
Challenge 82: Top Down Racing
Challenge 83: Convert Numbers (in Digits) to Words
Challenge 84: Zelda Style Views
Challenge 85: Convert Text File to eBook
Challenge 86: Planets Database (INI)
Challenge 87: How Much Flour
Challenge 88: Rotating Mini Map
Challenge 89: Selectable Troops
Challenge 90: Pipes
Challenge 91: Arcade Style Horse Race Game
Challenge 92: Road Builder
Challenge 93: Chess Board Representation
Challenge 94: 1945 Game Remake
Challenge 95: Create a Virtual ATM (Bank Teller)
Challenge 96: Moon Lander Game Remake
Challenge 97: Pixelate an Image
Challenge 98: Miner
Challenge 99: Follow Player (Ghost)
Challenge 100: Multiplication Table

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