Pro PayPal E-Commerce

Pro PayPal E-Commerce

Book Description
With over 100 million users, PayPal has more accounts than Discover and American Express combined. Since its inception in 1998, PayPal has quickly grown to become the global standard for online payments and is constantly expanding into new countries, languages, and currencies. PayPal offers a wide range of payment technologies, but it's not always clear which is the best choice for a website. This book gets under the hood to show you how the different technologies work, how to choose the right solution, and how to implement it - complete with real-world examples. This book shows developers how to integrate PayPal directly into websites to make use of its payment technologies. This allows developers, no matter what language they program in, to build shopping carts or similar channel products with PayPal as a payment option. Merchants can also use this book to find out the basics of e-commerce, where PayPal fits in, and how they could take a DIY approach to solving their e-commerce needs.


CHAPTER 1. Introduction to PayPal
CHAPTER 2. The PayPal Account
CHAPTER 3. Basic Website Payments
CHAPTER 4. Encrypted Website Payments
CHAPTER 5. Postpayment Processing
CHAPTER 7. Payflow Gateway
CHAPTER 8. Reporting
CHAPTER 9. Managing Online Disputes

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