How to Reduce the Cost of Software Testing

How to Reduce the Cost of Software Testing

Book Description
Plenty of software testing books tell you how to test well; this one tells you how to do it while decreasing your testing budget. A series of essays written by some of the leading minds in software testing, How to Reduce the Cost of Software Testing provides tips, tactics, and techniques to help readers accelerate the testing process, improve the performance of the test teams, and lower costs.

The distinguished team of contributors―that includes corporate test leaders, best paper authors, and keynote speakers from leading software testing conferences―supply concrete suggestions on how to find cost savings without sacrificing outcome. Detailing strategies that testers can immediately put to use to reduce costs, the book explains how to make testing nimble, how to remove bottlenecks in the testing process, and how to locate and track defects efficiently and effectively.

Written in language accessible to non-technical executives, as well as those doing the testing, the book considers the latest advances in test automation, ideology, and technology. Rather than present the perspective of one or two experts in software testing, it supplies the wide-ranging perspectives of a team of experts to help ensure your team can deliver a completed test cycle in less time, with more confidence, and reduced costs.


Chapter 1: Is This the Right Question?
Chapter 2: The Cost of Quality
Chapter 3: Testing Economics: : What Is Your Testing Net Worth?
Chapter 4: Opportunity Cost of Testing
Chapter 5: Trading Money for Time: : When Saving Money Doesn’t (and When It Does)
Chapter 6: An Analysis of Costs in Software Testing
Chapter 7: Test Readiness: : Be Ready to Test When the Software Is Ready to Be Tested
Chapter 8: Session-Based Test Management
Chapter 9: Postpone Costs to Next Release
Chapter 10: Cost Reduction through Reusable Test Assets
Chapter 11: You Can’t Waste Money on a Defect That Isn’t There
Chapter 12: A Nimble Test Plan: : Removing the Cost of Overplanning
Chapter 13: Exploiting the Testing Bottleneck
Chapter 14: Science-Based Test Case Design: : Better Coverage, Fewer Tests
Chapter 15: Clean Test: : Suggestions for Reducing Costs by Increasing Test Craftsmanship
Chapter 16: Rightsizing the Cost of Testing: : Tips for Executives

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