Microsoft Teams For Dummies

Microsoft Teams For Dummies

Book Description
Discover the power of Microsoft Teams
Millions of people access Microsoft Teams every day to assist with the collaboration it takes to get work done.  That number continues to grow thanks to the countless communication tools for working with associates inside and outside your organization you can find in Microsoft Teams.
If you’re new to Microsoft Teams, start here. This book will give you must-have insight on chatting, file sharing, organizing teams, using video communication, and more. You’ll also see just how you should be doing things, with best-practice recommendations and ideas for integrating Microsoft Teams into your existing workflows.
  • Learn your way around Microsoft Teams and set up the interface
  • Communicate via chat and video chat, inside and outside your org
  • Integrate Teams with other Office apps for seamless collaboration
  • Use Teams to optimize your meetings, build a knowledge wiki, and more!
Microsoft’s shared workspace can help you get collaborative and stay connected to the people and files you need, whether you're at your desk or on the go.


Part 1: Getting Started with Microsoft Teams
Chapter 1: Getting Up and Running with Microsoft Teams
Chapter 2: Navigating Microsoft Teams
Chapter 3: Starting Your First Team and Managing Your Settings

Part 2: Exploring Chat, Teams, Channels, and Apps
Chapter 4: Staying Connected to Others with Channels and Chat
Chapter 5: Extending Teams with Apps
Chapter 6: Unshackling Yourself with Teams on Mobile
Chapter 7: Working with People Outside Your Organization
Chapter 8: Taming the Noise and Staying Focused

Part 3: Staying in Sync with Meetings and Conferencing
Chapter 9: Embracing Teams to Make Meetings Better
Chapter 10: Bringing Teams into the Physical World

Part 4: Taking Communication to the Next Level with Voice
Chapter 11: Making and Receiving Calls
Chapter 12: Letting Teams Be Your Personal Operator

Part 5: Becoming a Microsoft Teams Administrator
Chapter 13: Getting to Know the Teams Admin Center
Chapter 14: Digging into Teams Administration

Part 6: Molding Teams to Fit Your Unique Organization
Chapter 15: Using Teams in Small and Medium-Sized Organizations
Chapter 16: Unleashing Features Designed for Large Enterprises
Chapter 17: Learning How Teams Embraces Industry-Specific Needs

Part 7: The Part of Tens
Chapter 18: Ten Tips for Better Teams Meetings
Chapter 19: Ten Teams Apps Worth Discovering
Chapter 20: Ten Ways to Learn More About Teams

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