Slack For Dummies

Slack For Dummies

Book Description
Change way you work.
If you've ever received a pointless email and wondered why workplace communication and collaboration were so inefficient, wonder no more. A tool called Slack is taking the business world by storm. This full-color guide tells you how to become a Slack power user and leave 1990s-style email-based "collaboration" tools in the dust. You'll learn the ins and outs of creating workspaces, channels, user groups, and much, much more. Once you go Slack, you'll never go back.   

* Understanding Slack's new features and user interface (launched on March 18, 2020)
* Using Slack to effectively work remotely
* Administering your workspace
* Transforming the way you work
* Understanding how Slack turns the traditional model of internal communication and collaboration on its head 
* Setting up workspaces, channels, user roles, and more
* Locking down workspace settings 
* Building a comprehensive knowledge repository at your organization
* Extending Slack's native power with third-party apps
* Getting others in your organization to embrace Slack
* Personalizing Slack
* Collaborating with others outside of your company
* Communicating by text or voice
* And much, much more.  


Part 1: Working Smarter and Better with Slack
Chapter 1: Why Slack Exists
Chapter 2: Getting Started with Slack

Part 2: Communicating Without Chaos
Chapter 3: Targeting Your Communication with Slack Channels
Chapter 4: The Wonderful World of Slack Messages
Chapter 5: Staying Informed with Notifications, Statuses, and Feeds

Part 3: Becoming a Slack Power User
Chapter 6: Going Deeper into Slack’s Functionality
Chapter 7: Finding What You Need with Slack’s Powerful Search Techniques
Chapter 8: Personalizing Slack
Chapter 9: Keeping It Safe: Reviewing Slack’s Security and Privacy Settings

Part 4: Extending Slack’s Native Functionality
Chapter 10: Making Slack Hum with Robust Third-Party Apps
Chapter 11: Analyzing, Importing, Exporting, and Updating Slack User Data
Chapter 12: Integrating Slack with Popular Enterprise Systems

Part 5: Successfully Introducing Slack in the Workplace
Chapter 13: The Elements of Persuasion: Slack-Adoption Strategies
Chapter 14: The Inherent Risks of Deploying Slack
Chapter 15: The Future of Slack: We’re Just Getting Started

Part 6: The Part of Tens
Chapter 16: Ten Great Slack Tips
Chapter 17: Ten or So Common Slack Myths
Chapter 18: The Top Ten or So Slack Resources

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