Molecular and Cell Biology For Dummies, 2nd Edition

Molecular and Cell Biology For Dummies, 2nd Edition
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    Molecular and Cell Biology For Dummies, 2nd Edition
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    Fester Kratz
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    2 edition
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    June 30, 2020
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    400 pages
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Book Description
Your insider guide to the stuff of life
3.8 billion years old and counting, there’s more than a little to know about the fundamentals of how life works. This friendly guide takes you from the primordial soup to the present, explaining how specialized cells have given rise to everything living, from the humblest amoeba to walking, talking human beings. Whether you’re enrolled in a cell or molecular biology course and need a straightforward overview, or are just curious about the latest advances, this fully updated edition is your all-access ticket to our inner world. 
Molecular & Cell Biology For Dummies decodes jargon and theories that can tax even the most devoted student. It covers everything from basic principles to how new technology, genetic testing, and microarray techniques are opening up new possibilities for research and careers. It also includes invaluable tips on how to prepare for―and ace―your exams! 
  • Explore the structure and function of the cells―and find out why cellular context is crucial to the study of disease
  • Discover how molecular biology can solve world problems
  • Understand how DNA determines traits and is regulated by cells
  • Enhance your knowledge and results with online resources and study tips 
From microscopic details to macro concepts, this book has something for you.


Part 1: The World of the Cell
Chapter 1: Exploring the World of the Cell
Chapter 2: Take a Tour inside the Cell
Chapter 3: Dead or Alive: Viruses

Part 2: Molecules: The Stuff of Life
Chapter 4: Better Living through Chemistry
Chapter 5: Carbohydrates: How Sweet They Are
Chapter 6: Proteins: Workers in the Cellular Factory
Chapter 7: DNA and RNA: Instructions for Life
Chapter 8: Lipids: Waterproof and Energy Rich

Part 3: The Working Cell
Chapter 9: Hello, Neighbor: How Cells Communicate
Chapter 10: Metabolism: Transferring Energy and Matter
Chapter 11: Cellular Respiration: Every Breath You Take
Chapter 12: Photosynthesis: Makin’ Food in the Kitchen of Life
Chapter 13: Splitsville: The Cell Cycle, Cell Division, and Cancer

Part 4: Genetics: From One Generation to the Next
Chapter 14: Meiosis: Getting Ready for Baby
Chapter 15: Genetics: Talkin’ ’Bout the Generations

Part 5: Molecular Genetics: How Cells Read the Book of Life
Chapter 16: DNA Replication: Doubling Your Genetic Stuff
Chapter 17: Transcription and Translation: What’s in a Gene?
Chapter 18: Control of Gene Expression: It’s How You Play Your Cards That Counts

Part 6: Molecular Biology: Harnessing the Power of DNA
Chapter 19: The Book of You: Reading Your Genes
Chapter 20: Rewriting the Code of Life: Recombinant DNA Technology and Genome Editing

Part 7: The Part of Tens
Chapter 21: Ten Important Rules for Cells to Live By
Chapter 22: Ten Ways to Improve Your Grade

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