Paying For College For Dummies

Paying For College For Dummies
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    Paying For College For Dummies
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    Eric Tyson
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    1 edition
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    April 21, 2020
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    256 pages
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Book Description
Discover a concrete financial plan to finance a college education
Financing a college education is a daunting task no matter what your circumstances. Bestselling author and personal finance expert, Eric Tyson offers tried and true strategic advice on how to understand loans, know your options, and how to improve your financial fitness while paying down your student loan debt. Armed with the checklists and timelines, you’ll be able to:
  • Figure out what colleges actually cost
  • Get to know the FAFSA® and CSS Profile(TM)
  • Research scholarship opportunities
  • Quickly compare financial aid offers from different schools
  • Find creative ways to lighten your debt load
  • Explore alternatives such as apprenticeships, online programs
Paying for College For Dummies helps parents and independent students navigate everything from planning strategically as a married/separated/divorced/widowed parent, completing every question on the FAFSA and CSS PROFILE forms, understanding tax laws, and so much more. No other book offers this much practical guidance on choosing and paying or college.


Part 1: Understanding Paying for College
Chapter 1: Confronting High College Prices and the Modern Job Market
Chapter 2: Financial Planning Steps When Your Kids are Young
Chapter 3: Exposing Your Kids to Work, Finances, and the “Real World”

Part 2: Finding Acceptance
Chapter 4: Making the Most of Your Kid’s Academic and Outside Experiences
Chapter 5: Guiding Your Child

Part 3: Confronting College Costs: Traditional Colleges and Alternatives
Chapter 6: Seeing How Traditional Colleges Decide What to Charge You
Chapter 7: Surveying the Range of College Options
Chapter 8: The Best College Alternatives to Consider

Part 4: Getting the Best Education at the Best Price
Chapter 9: Financial Steps You Should Take While Your Kids Grow Up
Chapter 10: Filling Out the Common Financial Aid Forms to Your Best Advantage
Chapter 11: Tricks and Tips for Finding Scholarships and Borrowing Money
Chapter 12: Reviewing Financial Aid Offers and Appealing Them

Part 5: The Part of Tens
Chapter 13: (Almost) Ten Education Tax Breaks and Rules You Should Know About
Chapter 14: Ten Tips for Getting Your College Degree Quicker
Chapter 15: Ten Important Money Management Steps for Young Adults
Chapter 16: Ten Things to Know About Student Loans

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