Modern C

Modern C

Book Description
Modern C focuses on the new and unique features of modern C programming. The book is based on the latest C standards and offers an up-to-date perspective on this tried-and-true language.

About the Technology
C is extraordinarily modern for a 50-year-old programming language. Whether you're writing embedded code, low-level system routines, or high-performance applications, C is up to the challenge. This unique book, based on the latest C standards, exposes a modern perspective of this tried-and-true language.

About the Book
Modern C introduces you to modern day C programming, emphasizing the unique and new features of this powerful language. For new C coders, it starts with fundamentals like structure, grammar, compilation, and execution. From there, you'll advance to control structures, data types, operators, and functions, as you gain a deeper understanding of what's happening under the hood. In the final chapters, you'll explore performance considerations, reentrancy, atomicity, threads, and type-generic programming. You'll code as you go with concept-reinforcing exercises and skill-honing challenges along the way.

What's inside
  • Operators and functions
  • Pointers, threading, and atomicity
  • C's memory model
  • Hands-on exercises


Level 0. Encounter
Chapter 1. Getting started
Chapter 2. The principal structure of a program

Level 1. Acquaintance
Chapter 3. Everything is about control
Chapter 4. Expressing computations
Chapter 5. Basic values and data
Chapter 6. Derived data types
Chapter 7. Functions
Chapter 8. C library functions

Level 2. Cognition
Chapter 9. Style
Chapter 10. Organization and documentation
Chapter 11. Pointers
Chapter 12. The C memory model
Chapter 13. Storage
Chapter 14. More involved processing and IO

Level 3. Experience
Chapter 15. Performance
Chapter 16. Function-like macros
Chapter 17. Variations in control flow
Chapter 18. Threads
Chapter 19. Atomic access and memory consistency

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