jBPM5 Developer Guide

jBPM5 Developer Guide

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Book Description

Java developers and architects will find this book an indispensable guide to understanding Business Process Management frameworks in the real world. Using open source jBPM5, it tutors through authentic examples, screenshots, and diagrams.

  • Learn to model and implement your business processes using the BPMN2 standard notation.
  • Model complex business scenarios in order to automate and improve your processes with the JBoss Business Process Management framework.
  • Understand how and when to use the different tools provided by the JBoss Business Process Management platform.
In Detail
jBPM5 is a well known open source Business Process Management System (BPMS) used for defining and executing business processes. Java developers can use jBPM5 to analyze, improve, and maintain business processes, which are integral to an organization's management. This book guides you through each level of the jBPM5 platform, allowing you to model and build applications which will automate your business scenarios.
The "jBPM5 Developer Guide" covers two important standard specifications that every software engineer must be familiar with; the BPMN2 specification and the WS-Human Tasks specification. BPMN2 defines a standard business language that will be used to model business scenarios throughout the book, and WS-Human Tasks will help you to define how real people execute the human elements of those processes. Both standard specifications are covered with in depth examples. Using these two specifications and understanding the BPM discipline will allow you to improve your software designs and guide successful implementations that will impact positively on performance.
"jBPM5 Developer Guide" allows you to adopt quickly the BPM framework to help you achieve your business goals; reducing the amount of time that you need to master BPM concepts and all the individual components provided by the platform. The book is packed with applicable examples, BPM diagrams and step-by-step instructions to help you master jBPM5.
What you will learn from this book
  • Use jBPM5's configurations and architecture for different environments and scenarios.
  • Discover key concepts behind the Business Process Management discipline.
  • BPMN2 process modeling language for defining and implementing your processes.
  • Leverage Business Rules power to simplify business processes.
  • Practical examples in automating your business process and learn how to integrate them with different enterprise technologies in Java and non-Java environments.
  • How to reuse jBPM5's Human Task component in several applications, not just the Process Engine.
  • Configure the persistence and transactions service to cover long running processes and scale successful implementations for bigger scenarios.
  • Improve your process definitions using Domain Specific Activities.
  • Understand how the framework handles information that flows through your business's processes.
  • Configure the Eclipse IDE to start modeling your scenarios.
  • Learn how to analyze your business processes execution using the Complex Event Processing features provided by Drools Fusion.
  • Understand how Business Process can be influenced by external streams of events that arrive in real time.
Approached from a developer's perspective, the "jBPM 5 Developer Guide" teaches readers all the essentials of Business Process Management through applicable examples with helpful screenshots and diagrams.


Chapter 1: Why Do We Need Business Process Management?
Chapter 2: BPM Systems Structure
Chapter 3: Using BPMN 2.0 to Model Business Scenarios
Chapter 4: Knowing Your Toolbox
Chapter 5: The Process Designer
Chapter 6: Domain-specific Processes
Chapter 7: Human Interactions
Chapter 8: Persistence and Transactions
Chapter 9: Smart Processes Using Rules
Chapter 10: Reactive Processes Using Drools Fusion
Chapter 11: Architectural and Integration Tips

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jBPM5 Developer Guide
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