Python: Create - Modify - Reuse

Python: Create - Modify - Reuse

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ISBN: 0470259329Format: PDFEdition: 1 editionDate: July 8, 2008Pages: 262 pagesLanguage: English

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Python: Create-Modify-Reuse is designed for all levels of Python developers interested in a practical, hands-on way of learning Python development. This book is designed to show you how to use Python (in combination with the raw processing power of your computer) to accomplish real-world tasks in a more efficient way. Don't look for an exhaustive description of the Python language––you won't find it. The book's main purpose is not to thoroughly cover the Python language, but rather to show how you can use Python to create robust, real-world applications.
This book is for developers with some experience with Python who want to explore how to develop full-blown applications. It is also for developers with experience in other languages who want to learn Python by building robust applications. It is well-suited for developers who like to “learn by doing,” rather than exploring a language feature by feature. To get the most out of the book, you should understand basic programming principles.

This book starts with a basic overview of the Python language, designed for those familiar with other languages but new to Python. It is followed by several chapters, each of which describes a complete project that can be used as-is or modified and extended to suit your particular purposes. You'll find applications that access databases, take advantage of web technologies, and facilitate network communications, to name a few. In addition, and more important than the technologies you will be introduced to, you will learn how to use Python to solve real challenges. Following these chapters are two chapters that cover accessing operating system resources and debugging and testing, respectively.

This book is framed around the code itself. This is because developers are typically looking for how to do something; and, as with many activities, you learn how to do something by watching how others do and trying it yourself. If you want to know how a for loop works, you'll find for loops in my code, but that's not the thrust of the book. Instead, this book shows you how to do things: how to build a content management system, how to build a test management system, how to set up a system for tracking customer follow-up, and so on. Along the way, you'll learn how to communicate with a SQL database, how to act as a web server or communicate with one, how to access operating system services, and more.


Chapter 1: A Python Primer

Part I: The Projects
Chapter 2: Directory/File Snapshot Program
Chapter 3: DVD Inventory System
Chapter 4: Web Performance Tester
Chapter 5: Customer Follow-Up System
Chapter 6: Test Management/Reporting System
Chapter 7: Version Management System
Chapter 8: Content Management System

Part II: Advanced Topics
Chapter 9: Interacting with the Operating System
Chapter 10: Debugging and Testing

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Python: Create - Modify - Reuse
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