Secure By Design

Secure By Design

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ISBN: 1617294357Format: EPUBEdition: 1 editionDate: September 10, 2019Pages: 400 pagesLanguage: English

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Book Description

Secure by Design teaches developers how to use design to drive security in software development. This book is full of patterns, best practices, and mindsets that you can directly apply to your real world development. You'll also learn to spot weaknesses in legacy code and how to address them.
Foreword by Daniel Terhorst-North.

About the Technology
Security should be the natural outcome of your development process. As applications increase in complexity, it becomes more important to bake security-mindedness into every step. The secure-by-design approach teaches best practices to implement essential software features using design as the primary driver for security.

About the Book
Secure by Design teaches you principles and best practices for writing highly secure software. At the code level, you'll discover security-promoting constructs like safe error handling, secure validation, and domain primitives. You'll also master security-centric techniques you can apply throughout your build-test-deploy pipeline, including the unique concerns of modern microservices and cloud-native designs.
What's inside

  • Secure-by-design concepts
  • Spotting hidden security problems
  • Secure code constructs
  • Assessing security by identifying common design flaws
  • Securing legacy and microservices architectures


Part 1: Introduction
Chapter 1: Why design matters for security
Chapter 2: Intermission: The anti-Hamlet

Part 2: Fundamentals
Chapter 3: Core concepts of Domain-Driven Design
Chapter 4: Code constructs promoting security
Chapter 5: Domain primitives
Chapter 6: Ensuring integrity of state
Chapter 7: Reducing complexity of state
Chapter 8: Leveraging your delivery pipeline for security
Chapter 9: Handling failures securely
Chapter 10: Benefits of cloud thinking
Chapter 11: Intermission: An insurance policy for free

Part 3: Applying the fundamentals
Chapter 12: Guidance in legacy code
Chapter 13: Guidance on microservices
Chapter 14: A final word: Don’t forget about security!

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Secure By Design
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