WordPress Mobile Web Development: Beginner's Guide

WordPress Mobile Web Development: Beginner's Guide
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    WordPress Mobile Web Development: Beginner's Guide
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    Rachel McCollin
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    August 24, 2012
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    332 pages
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Book Description
Make your WordPress website mobile-friendly and get to grips with the two hottest trends in web designMobile and WordPress
  • Learn how to build mobile and responsive websites using WordPress
  • Get to grips with the best mobile plugins and understand how they interact with your site
  • Learn how to make your own WordPress theme or site responsive, including layout, images, navigation and more
In Detail
The chances are that more of your WordPress website visitors are using mobiles, or more clients are demanding responsive or mobile sites. If you can use WordPress to build mobile-friendly sites you can win more business from clients and more traffic for your site.
"WordPress Mobile Web Development Beginner's Guide" will benefit you whether youve dabbled in WordPress or worked with it for years. It will help you identify which approach to mobile is most appropriate for your site (responsive, mobile, or web app) and learn how to make each one work, demonstrating a variety of techniques from the simple to the more complex, working through clear practical examples and applying these to your own website.
Start by quickly making a WordPress site mobile-friendly, using off the shelf plugins and responsive themes, choosing the best ones for you and customising them. This leads into responsive theme design, with advice on layout, images and navigation. Finally, learn how to build a web app in WordPress, making use of plugins, APIs and custom code.
If you need to hit the ground running with mobile WordPress development, then this book is for you. With practical examples and exercises from the beginning, it will help you build your first mobile WordPress site without having to learn aspects of WordPress or mobile development that aren't relevant. It will also help you understand which approaches work and why, so you can apply this knowledge to future projects.
What you will learn from this book
  • Identify which approach to mobile development will work best for your site, by understanding the needs of the site and its visitors
  • Find out which plugins and pre-built responsive themes are best for quickly making a WordPress site work on mobiles, and customize them for your site
  • Install responsive themes and customise them to fit with your existing design or brand
  • Make your existing WordPress theme or site responsive, adjusting the layout and interface to look great on mobiles, including phones and tablets
  • Take responsive design further, with responsive text and navigation, for better ergonomics and user experience
  • Learn how to make images and other media responsive and reduce their file size on mobile devices using inbuilt WordPress functionality
  • Create an app-like site, with a design and interface resembling a native app
  • Access the functionality of the user's phone from the browser to create a WordPress web app, and learn which features youll be able to use in future
Who this book is written for
If you have dabbled in WordPress or been working with it for years, and want to build mobile or responsive themes or sites, this book is for you. Even if you can't write a line of code, the first few chapters will help you create a simple mobile site. But to get the most from the book, you will need a good understanding of HTML, CSS and WordPress itself.


Chapter 1: Using Plugins to Make Your Site Mobile-friendly
Chapter 2: Using Responsive Themes
Chapter 3: Setting up Media Queries
Chapter 4: Adjusting the Layout
Chapter 5: Working with Text and Navigation
Chapter 6: Optimizing Images and Video
Chapter 7: Sending Different Content to Different Devices
Chapter 8: Creating a Web App Interface
Chapter 9: Adding Web App Functionality
Chapter 10: Testing and Updating your Mobile Site

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