JavaFX in Action

JavaFX in Action
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    JavaFX in Action
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    Simon Morris
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    1 edition
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    November 23, 2009
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    375 pages
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Book Description
JavaFX is a Java-based rich user interface technology that sits atop the existingJava Standard and Micro Editions. Using it, developers can build rich user interfaceswith access to all Java components already installed on their systems. At itsheart is the easy to learn JavaFX Script language that lets developers describewhat they want to accomplish in clear, declarative terms rather than abstractcode. JavaFX also provides numerous libraries to make development extremelyfast and efficient.

JavaFX in Action is a hands-on tutorial that introduces and explores JavaFX through numerous bite-sized projects. The book provides a solid groundingin the JavaFX syntax and related APIs by showing web developers how to applythe key features of the JavaFX platform. Readers quickly absorb the fundamentalsof the technology while exploring the possibilities JavaFX provides forcreative, rich designs.

Readers learn to transform variables and operators into bouncing raindrops, brilliant colors, and dancing interface components. They also learn how to interactwith existing Java code to give old apps some new JavaFX sparkle.


1. Welcome to the future: introducing JavaFX
2. JavaFX Script data and variables
3. JavaFX Script code and structure
4. Swing by numbers
5. Behind the scene graph
6. Moving pictures
7. Controls, charts, and storage
8. Web services with style
9. From app to applet
10. Clever graphics and smart phones
11. Best of both worlds: using JavaFX from Java

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