An Invitation to Computer Science, 5 edition

An Invitation to Computer Science, 5 edition
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    An Invitation to Computer Science, 5 edition
  • Author:
    G.Michael Schneider, Judith Gersting
  • Edition:
    5 edition
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    July 21, 2009
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    744 pages
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Book Description
This revision of Schneider and Gersting's bestselling text now offers a more flexible approach to the CS0 course. The text still features a solid introduction to programming concepts, but the language-specific material has been moved online and expanded. In addition to modules for C++ and Java, optional modules for C#, Python, and Ada are now available. The text also includes new chapters on Security and Entertainment, expanded coverage of wireless networks, and updated feature boxes.


Chapter 1. An Introduction to Computer Science

LEVEL 1. The Algorithmic Foundations of Computer Science
Chapter 2. Algorithm Discovery and Design
Chapter 3. The Efficiency of Algorithms

LEVEL 2. The Hardware World
Chapter 4. The Building Blocks: Binary Numbers, Boolean Logic, and Gates
Chapter 5. Computer Systems Organization

LEVEL 3. The Virtual Machine
Chapter 6. An Introduction to System Software and Virtual Machines
Chapter 7. Computer Networks, the Internet, and the World Wide Web
Chapter 8. Information Security

LEVEL 4. The Software World
Chapter 9. Introduction to High-Level Language Programming
Chapter 10. The Tower of Babel
Chapter 11. Compilers and Language Translation
Chapter 12. Models of Computation

LEVEL 5. Applications
Chapter 13. Simulation and Modeling
Chapter 14. Electronic Commerce and Databases
Chapter 15. Artificial Intelligence
Chapter 16. Computer Graphics and Entertainment: Movies, Games, and Virtual Communities

LEVEL 6. Social Issues in Computing
Chapter 17. Making Decisions about Computers, Information, and Society

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