802.11n: A Survival Guide: Wi-Fi Above 100 Mbps

802.11n: A Survival Guide: Wi-Fi Above 100 Mbps
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    802.11n: A Survival Guide: Wi-Fi Above 100 Mbps
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    Matthew S. Gast
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    1 edition
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    April 16, 2012
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    144 pages
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    PDF, ePUB

Book Description
Wireless has finally come of age. With a significant jump in throughput over previous standards, 802.11n is the first wireless technology that doesn’t trade speed for mobility, and users have stormed onto wireless networks with a passion. In this concise guide, Matthew Gast—chair of the IEEE group that produced revision 802.11-2012—shows you why wireless has become the default method of connecting to a network, and provides technical details you need to plan, design, and deploy 802.11n today.
Building a network for the multitude of new devices is now a strategic decision for network engineers everywhere. This book gives you an in-depth look at key parts of 802.11n, and shows you how to achieve an Ethernet-free wireless office.
  • Learn how MIMO’s multiple data streams greatly increase wireless speed
  • Discover how 802.11n modifications improve MAC efficiency
  • Examine advanced PHY features such as beanforming and space-time code block
  • Use advanced MAC features to maintain interoperability with older devices
  • Plan an 802.11n network by determining traffic demand, key applications, power requirements, and security
  • Choose the architecture, select hardware, and plan coverage to design and build your network


Chapter 1. Introduction to 802.11n-2009

Part I. The PHY
Chapter 2. MIMO and the 802.11n PHY
Chapter 3. Channels, Framing, and Coding
Chapter 4. Advanced PHY Features for Performance

Part II. The MAC
Chapter 5. MAC Basics
Chapter 6. Advanced MAC Features for Interoperability

Part III. Using 802.11n to Build a Network
Chapter 7. Planning an 802.11n Network
Chapter 8. Designing and Installing an 802.11n Network

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