The Remix Manual, 1 edition

The Remix Manual, 1 edition

Book Description
Can you turn a soulful ballad into a hit dance track, or make any Billboard hit your own? With this all-in-one guide to remixing, you can! Whether you're a professional DJ or producer, or are just beginning to mix tracks, this step-by-step guide will bring you through the entire process of making your own professional-quality remixes. Author Simon Langford, a renowned producer/remixer with over 300 remixes and chart-toppers under his belt, shares his years of experience and expertise in the most in-depth guide on the market. The Remix Manual covers creative processes, technical, legal, and contractual issues, and includes a unique remix "walk-through," and useful contacts and links. The companion website provides source files that illustrate all stages of the remix, as well as additional interviews, additional "walk-throughs," a "Buyer's Guide," and video tutorials and demo versions of the hottest mixing software.
A working musician and remixer, Simon Langford provides up-to-the-minute information on all aspects of the remix process, from the latest software tips and tricks to timeless artistic advice. While technical aspects are explained in detail, you also get a pro's advice on how to produce outstanding tracks by being aware of the original's message, style, and emotion. The creative side of remixing is explored from all angles, as a wide variety of industry insiders weigh in on key issues in exclusive interviews and quotes.
  • A one-stop guide to remixing from making creative choices to understanding contracts
  • Author has chart-topping remix experience and over 300 remixes to his name; get a pro's advice on how to produce outstanding tracks
  • Website includes samples and example tracks, illustrating the various stages of the remix.


1. The History of Remixing
2. Being a Remixer
3. Choosing Your Style
4. Keys, Chords, and Melodies
5. Tempo, Groove, and Feel
6. Arrangement
7. Anatomy of a Remix
8. A Remixer’s Insight
9. Studio Equipment and Environment
10. Sound Design: Introduction
11. Sound Design: Rhythmic and Percussive Sounds
12. Sound Design: Melodic Sounds
13. Time Design: Time-Stretching
14. Time Design: Beat-Mapping and Recycling
15. Time Design: When All Else Fails
16. Mixing: Introduction
17. Mixing: EQ and Dynamic Effects
18. Mixing: Time Domain and Modulation Effects
19. Mixing: Other Effects
20. Mastering
21. Remix Walkthrough: First Steps
22. Remix Walkthrough: Working on the Details
23. Remix Walkthrough: Fine Tuning
24. Remix Walkthrough: Finishing Up
25. Promotion
26. Management and Representation
27. The Importance of the DJ
28. Legal and Contracts

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