Apache Wicket Cookbook

Apache Wicket Cookbook
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    Apache Wicket Cookbook
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    Igor Vaynberg
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    March 24, 2011
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    312 pages
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Book Description
This is a hands-on practical guide to a large variety of topics and use cases. This book tries to use real-world examples when possible, but is not afraid to come up with a contrived pretext if it makes explaining the problem simpler. Unlike a lot of other books, this one does not try to maintain a continuous theme from chapter to chapter, such as demonstrating solutions on the same fictional application; doing so would be almost impossible given the wide variety of recipes presented here. Instead, this book concentrates on focused problems users are likely to encounter and shows clear solutions in a step-by-step manner. This book tries to teach by example and is not afraid to show a lot of code because, after all, it is for coders. This book is for current users of the Apache Wicket framework; it is not an introduction to Wicket that will bore you with tons of theory. You are expected to have built or maintained a simple Wicket application in the past and to be looking to learn new and better ways of using Wicket. If you are ready to take your Wicket skills to the next level this book is for you.


Chapter 1: Validating and Converting User Input
Chapter 2: Getting Down and Dirty with Forms and Form Components
Chapter 3: Making Forms Presentable
Chapter 4: Taking your Application Abroad
Chapter 5: Displaying Data Using DataTable
Chapter 6: Enhancing your UI with Tabs and Borders
Chapter 7: Deeper into Ajax
Chapter 8: Visualizing Data with Charts
Chapter 9: Building Dynamic and Rich UI
Chapter 10: Securing your Application
Chapter 11: Integrating Wicket with Middleware

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