Windows Phone 7 Game Development

Windows Phone 7 Game Development
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    Windows Phone 7 Game Development
  • Author:
    Adam Dawes
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    1st ed. edition
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    December 27, 2010
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  • Pages:
    592 pages
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Book Description
Windows Phone 7 is a powerful mobile computing platform with huge potential for gaming. With "instant on" capabilities, the promise of gaming on the move is a reality with these devices. The platform is an ideal environment for .NET developers looking to create fun, sophisticated games. Windows Phone 7 Game Development gives you everything you need to maximize your creativity and produce fantastic mobile games. With a gaming device always in your pocket, as a phone always is, this is too good an opportunity to miss!


Part I: The Beginning
Chapter 1: Windows Phone and .NET

Part II: XNA
Chapter 2: Getting Started with XNA
Chapter 3: Creating a Game Framework
Chapter 4: User Input
Chapter 5: Sounding Out with Game Audio
Chapter 6: Drawing with Vertices and Matrices
Chapter 7: The World of 3D Graphics
Chapter 8: Further 3D Features and Techniques
Chapter 9: Enhancing Your Game
Chapter 10: The Application Life Cycle

Part III: Silverlight
Chapter 11: Getting Started with Silverlight
Chapter 12: Silverlight Controls and Pages
Chapter 13: Gaming with Silverlight
Chapter 14: Enhancing Your Silverlight Games

Part IV: Distribution
Chapter 15: Distributing Your Game
Chapter 16: Running on Other Platforms

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