Professional JavaScript for Web Developers

Professional JavaScript for Web Developers
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    Professional jаvascript for Web Developers
  • Author:
    Nicholas C. Zakas
  • Edition:
    2 edition
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    January 14, 2009
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    840 pages
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Book Description
Professional jаvascript for Web Developers, 2nd Edition, provides a developer-level introduction along with the more advanced and useful features of jаvascript. Starting at the beginning, the book explores how jаvascript originated and evolved into what it is today. A detailed discussion of the components that make up a jаvascript implementation follows, with specific focus on standards such as ECMAScript and the Document Object Model (DOM). The differences in jаvascript implementations used in different popular web browsers are also discussed.
Building on that base, the book moves on to cover basic concepts of jаvascript including its version of object-oriented programming, inheritance, and its use in various markup languages such as HTML. An in-depth examination of events and event handling is followed by an exploration of browser detection techniques and a guide to using regular expressions in jаvascript. The book then takes all this knowledge and applies it to creating dynamic user interfaces.
The last part of the book is focused on advanced topics, including performance/memory optimization, best practices, and a look at where jаvascript is going in the future.
This book is aimed at three groups of readers:
  • Experienced developers familiar with object-oriented programming who are looking to learn jаvascript as it relates to traditional OO languages such as Java and C++
  • Web application developers attempting to enhance the usability of their web sites and web applications
  • Novice jаvascript developers aiming to better understand the language
In addition, familiarity with the following related technologies is a strong indicator that this book is for you:
  • Java
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • XML


Chapter 1: What Is jаvascript?
Chapter 2: jаvascript in HTML
Chapter 3: Language Basics
Chapter 4: Variables, Scope, and Memory
Chapter 5: Reference Types
Chapter 6: Object-Oriented Programming
Chapter 7: Anonymous Functions
Chapter 8: The Browser Object Model
Chapter 9: Client Detection
Chapter 10: The Document Object Model
Chapter 11: DOM Levels 2 and 3
Chapter 12: Events
Chapter 13: Scripting Forms
Chapter 14: Error Handling and Debugging
Chapter 15: XML in jаvascript
Chapter 16: ECMAScript for XML
Chapter 17: Ajax and JSON
Chapter 18: Advanced Techniques
Chapter 19: Client-Side Storage
Chapter 20: Best Practices
Chapter 21: Upcoming APIs
Chapter 22: The Evolution of jаvascript

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