The Lean IT Expert: Leading the Transformation to High Performance IT

The Lean IT Expert: Leading the Transformation to High Performance IT
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    The Lean IT Expert: Leading the Transformation to High Performance IT
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    Niels Loader
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    1 edition
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    November 21, 2018
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    446 pages
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Book Description
Digital transformation is a business concern; it is no longer just IT that must get things done.
The disruptive force of start-ups focusing on IT-based services that can be consumed through mobile devices cannot be underestimated -- These start-ups eat away at the high-margin services provided by incumbents, leaving lower margin products and services that are rapidly being commoditized. This is happening in all industry sectors and it is the ones who are best able to adjust, innovate, and improve their service offerings that will survive. The question is: What do you need to do to ensure that your organization is one of the survivors?
The core of the solution to the problem is to radically improve the way the IT organization works together with the business. To be clear, the digital transformation of your business depends on that relatively small group of people in the basement, or other out-of-the-way location, who make sure

that your IT services work. So, building a cooperative model is vital for the success of the business. Which model has proven its worth in many industries? It is the application of Lean principles that gives organizations an advantage in delivering their products and services to their customers.

Transforming your organization to high performance is, above all, a people-based movement with the acquisition and, most importantly, application of knowledge and skills necessary for the high performance way of working at its core. In teams, from boardroom to work floor, building a new way of thinking and acting is essential.

This book aims to give insight into the reasons why you and your organization must consciously act to apply Lean principles to your IT organization. It explains the phases organizations go through as they start out with their initial attempts to gain advantages from Lean tools to the phase in which they reap the strategic benefits of Lean applied to IT. The real work of the transformation is described from two different perspectives: Leadership and Team.

This book describes a complete set of principles, practices and tools In order to make the right decisions along the winding route of your transformation. The people who will guide, support and drive your transformation are the leaders and tem members who understand and apply those principles, practice and tools: your Lean IT Experts.


PART I. The Goal
Chapter 1. Lean IT
Chapter 2. The IT Context
Chapter 3. Lean IT Transformation
Chapter 4. The Basics of Lean
Chapter 5. Lean IT and Its Relations
Chapter 6. Becoming Lean

PART II. Starting Out
Chapter 7. The First Steps
Chapter 8. Ways to Start
Chapter 9. Leadership Awakens
Chapter 10. Transformation Plan
Chapter 11. Transforming to Lean IT
Chapter 12. Change Story

PART III. Leadership Transformation
Chapter 13. The Challenge for Leaders
Chapter 14. Before Starting the Leadership Transformation
Chapter 15. Change Story: Revisited
Chapter 16. Fulfilling the Commitment
Chapter 17. Go See
Chapter 18. Control
Chapter 19. Organizing for Flow
Chapter 20. Leadership Kaizen
Chapter 21. High Performance Team

PART IV. Team Transformation
Chapter 22. Getting Teams Prepared
Chapter 23. Analyzing a Team
Chapter 24. Implementing

PART V. Continuous Improvement
Chapter 25. Improving
Chapter 26. Investigating Problems
Chapter 27. Embedding Solutions
Chapter 28. The Road Goes On

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