Biological Control: Ecology and Applications

Biological Control: Ecology and Applications
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    Biological Control: Ecology and Applications
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    George E. Heimpel, Nicholas J. Mills
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    1 edition
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    April 3, 2017
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    386 pages
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Book Description
Biological control is the suppression of populations of pests and weeds by living organisms. These organisms can provide important protection from invasive species and protect our environment by reducing the need for pesticides. However, they also pose possible environmental risks, so biological control interventions must be undertaken with great care. This book enhances our understanding of biological control interactions by combining theory and practical application. Using a combination of historical analyses, theoretical models and case studies, with explicit links to invasion biology, the authors cover biological control of insects, weeds, plant pathogens and vertebrate animals. The book reflects increasing recognition of risks over the past 20 years, and incorporates the latest technological advances and theoretical developments. It is ideal for researchers and students of biological control and invasion biology.


1. Definitions and Interactions
2. Biological Control and Invasion Biology
3. Importation Biological Control – The Scope of Success
4. Negative Consequences of Biological Control
5. Ecological Risk Analysis in Biological Control
6. Population Dynamics in Biological Control
7. Biological Control and Evolution
8. Augmentation: Orchestrating Local Invasions
9. Conservation Biological Control I: Facilitating Natural Control through Habitat Manipulation
10. Conservation Biological Control II: Facilitating Natural Control through Pesticide Reduction or Selectivity

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