Push Notifications by Tutorials: Mastering push notifications on iOS

Push Notifications by Tutorials: Mastering push notifications on iOS
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    Push Notifications by Tutorials: Mastering push notifications on iOS
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    Scott Grosch
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    December 18, 2018
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    195 pages
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Book Description

Master iOS Push Notifications!

Push Notifications are one of the most important interaction points of your app with your users. Simply put, a push notification is a way to send any type of data to your users' apps, even if they aren't actively using them.Even though most developers feel they know everything there is to know about this topic, major additions in latest releases of iOS have pushed these notifications beyond simply delivering messages to your users. Learning all of the exciting opportunities and ways you could boost your users' experiences and interactions might be a bit overwhelming at first. Worry not! This is where Push Notifications by Tutorials comes to the rescue.

Who This Book Is For

This book is for intermediate iOS developers who already know the basics of iOS, and who wish to know everything there is to know about push notifications. It starts with a basic introduction of how notifications work, with later chapters going much deeper into advanced materials.

Topics Covered in Push Notifications by Tutorials

  1. Remote Notification Payload: Learn everything there is to know about the Payload representing your notification and its various customization options.
  2. Remote Notifications: Learn everything about how to send a remote notification from a server, how to create your own Vapor-based push server, identify and manage users and their device tokens, and more.
  3. Local Notifications: Much like remote notifications, you'll learn how to schedule local notifications, originating from your device instead of from a remote server.
  4. Modifying the Payload: Learn how to use a Notification Service Extension to manipulate your notification payload right before it's presented to the user.
  5. Custom Actions: Put your users first by providing them with useful Custom Actions they can interact with, right from your notification, without the need to open your app.
  6. Custom Interfaces: Take your notifications to the next level by providing a rich, customized user interface for your push notification.
One thing you can count on: After you finish reading this book, you'll master everything there is to know about push notifications and how to take advantage of the latest and greatest features, to make your app stand out from the rest to enhance your user experience.


Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Push Notifications
Chapter 3: Remote Notification Payload
Chapter 4: Xcode Project Setup
Chapter 5: Apple Push Notification Servers
Chapter 6: Server Side Pushes
Chapter 7: Expanding the Application
Chapter 8: Handling Common Scenarios
Chapter 9: Custom Actions
Chapter 10: Modifying the Payload
Chapter 11: Custom Interfaces
Chapter 12: Putting It All Together
Chapter 13: Local Notifications

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