Cybersecurity Ops with bash: Attack, Defend, and Analyze from the Command Line

Cybersecurity Ops with bash: Attack, Defend, and Analyze from the Command Line

Book Description
If you hope to outmaneuver threat actors, speed and efficiency need to be key components of your cybersecurity operations. Mastery of the standard command line interface (CLI) is an invaluable skill in times of crisis because no other software application can match the CLI’s availability, flexibility, and agility. This practical guide shows you how to use the CLI with the bash shell to perform tasks such as data collection and analysis, intrusion detection, reverse engineering, and administration.
Authors Paul Troncone, founder of Digadel Corporation, and Carl Albing, coauthor of bash Cookbook (O’Reilly), provide insight into command line tools and techniques to help defensive operators collect data, analyze logs, and monitor networks. Penetration testers will learn how to leverage the enormous amount of functionality built into every version of Linux to enable offensive operations.
With this book, security practitioners, administrators, and students will learn how to:
  • Collect and analyze data, including system logs
  • Search for and through files
  • Detect network and host changes
  • Develop a remote access toolkit
  • Format output for reporting
  • Develop scripts to automate tasks


Part I. Foundations
1. Command-Line Primer
2. Bash Primer
3. Regular Expressions Primer
4. Principles of Defense and Offense

Part II. Defensive Security Operations with bash
5. Data Collection
6. Data Processing
7. Data Analysis
8. Real-Time Log Monitoring
9. Tool: Network Monitor
10. Tool: Filesystem Monitor
11. Malware Analysis
12. Formatting and Reporting

Part III. Penetration Testing with bash
13. Reconnaissance
14. Script Obfuscation
15. Tool: Command-Line Fuzzer
16. Establishing a Foothold

Part IV. Security Administration with bash
17. Users, Groups, and Permissions
18. Writing Log Entries
19. Tool: System Availability Monitor
20. Tool: Software Inventory
21. Tool: Validating Configuration
22. Tool: Account Auditing
23. Conclusion

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