Android Phones For Dummies

Android Phones For Dummies
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    Android Phones For Dummies
  • Author:
    Dan Gookin
  • Edition:
    2 edition
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  • Data:
    April 21, 2014
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  • Pages:
    384 pages
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    PDF, ePUB

Book Description
A colorful guide to make your Android phone do your bidding
The popularity of Android phones is simply exploding, so it's a perfect time for popular For Dummies author Dan Gookin to update his bestselling guide to all things Android phones. From setup and configuration to taking advantage of the latest amazing Android features, this practical resource is designed to make new Android users comfortable and to help veterans get the most out of their Android phone. Covering features that are common to the most popular Android phones, this book walks you through the basics of making calls, using the touchscreen, sending e-mails and texts, browsing the Internet, using the camera, staying in touch with social media, and so much more.
  • Includes the Android essentials such as texting, e-mailing, accessing the Internet, using maps, taking photos, recording video, synching with a PC, troubleshooting, and more
  • Shows how to expand your phone’s potential with the latest apps, music, movies, e-books, TV shows, and games available from Google Play
  • Covers Android smartphones from leading manufactures including HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, and LG to name a few
Android Phones For Dummies, 2nd Edition is your one-stop guide to getting things done and learning the ins and outs of your Android smartphone.


Part I: Your Own Android
Chapter 1: Have a Little Android
Chapter 2: Initial Android Duties
Chapter 3: The Android Tour
Chapter 4: Text to Type, Text to Edit

Part II: The Phone Part
Chapter 5: It’s a Telephone
Chapter 6: More Telephone Things
Chapter 7: Leave Your Message at the Tone

Part III: Stay Connected
Chapter 8: The Address Book
Chapter 9: Text Messaging Mania
Chapter 10: E-Mail This and That
Chapter 11: Out on the Web
Chapter 12: Your Digital Social Life
Chapter 13: Text, Voice, and Video Chat

Part IV: Amazing Phone Feats
Chapter 14: There’s a Map for That
Chapter 15: Pics and Vids
Chapter 16: O Sweet Music!
Chapter 17: Apps Various and Sundry
Chapter 18: More Apps

Part V: Nuts and Bolts
Chapter 19: No Wires, Ever!
Chapter 20: Connect, Store, Share
Chapter 21: On the Road Again
Chapter 22: Customize and Configure
Chapter 23: Maintenance, Troubleshooting, and Help

Part VI: The Part of Tens
Chapter 24: Ten Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts
Chapter 25: Ten Things to Remember

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