Handbook of Research on Recent Developments in Internet Activism and Political Participation

Handbook of Research on Recent Developments in Internet Activism and Political Participation
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    Handbook of Research on Recent Developments in Internet Activism and Political Participation
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    Yasmin Ibrahim
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    1 edition
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    June 26, 2020
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    368 pages
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Book Description
International politics is witnessing a rapid transformation due to the emerging impact of the internet and digital media. Activists in various countries have been given a new medium to voice their views and opinions, resulting in governments adapting to the digital environment in which we currently live. As the role of social media and online communities continue to grow, empirical research is needed on their specific impact on governmental policies and reform.
Recent Developments in Internet Activism and Political Participation is an essential reference source that explores the modern role that digital media plays within community engagement and political development. This book discusses real-world case studies in various regions of the world on how the internet is affecting government agendas and promoting the voice of the community. Featuring research on topics such as digital ecosystems, information technology, and foreign policy, this book is ideally designed for researchers, strategists, government officials, policymakers, sociologists, administrators, scholars, educators, and students seeking coverage on the societal impact of social media in modern global politics.


Section 1 - Selfies and Instagram
Chapter 1. Resistance and Protests Through the “Selfie”: Recasting the Self Through the Politics of Protest
Chapter 2. Selfie Journalism and Politics: An Empirical Approach
Chapter 3. No Interaction on Instagram: Political Party Use of Instagram in the 2014 Swedish Election Campaign

Section 2 - Immersive Environment and Gaming
Chapter 4. ‘No Line on the Horizon’: Virtual Reality in Digital Ecosystems and the Politics of Immersive Storytelling
Chapter 5. The Pervasive and the Digital: Immersive Worlds in Four Interactive Artworks
Chapter 6. Gaming Digital Content Creation to Engage Youth in Participatory Politics

Section 3 - Fake News and Images
Chapter 7. Fake News: Origins and Political Impact
Chapter 8. Fake Photos in the European Refugee Crisis: The “Invasion” Narrative of the Radical Right

Section 4 - Race and the Digital Imaginary
Chapter 9. Facebook Aesthetics: White World-Making, Digital Imaginary, and “The War on Terror”
Chapter 10. The Twisted Fairy Tale Behind How Light-Skinned Girls Are ‘Trending’

Section 5 - Food and Environmental Campaigns
Chapter 11. Innovation for Human Development: Exploring the Potential of Participatory Video for Two Grassroots Initiatives
Chapter 12. Climate Change and Sustainability Issues in Indian Newspapers
Chapter 13. Environmental Campaigns in Traditional and Social Media
Chapter 14. Digital Activism: Challenging Food Poverty in the UK
Chapter 15. Use of Mobiles for Promoting Agriculture in Puducherry, India

Section 6 - Corporations, Elections, and Politics
Chapter 16. The Role of ‘Delegated Transferable Vote’ for Supporting Tactical Voting in First-Past-the-Post Elections: An Anthropological Study of Local, Regional, and National Elections in the United Kingdom
Chapter 17. Website-Feature Analysis of Irish Parliamentarians’ Performance in Web 2.0 Technologies
Chapter 18. CIO Power Influences the Social Alignment and IT-Business Strategic Alignment Relationship

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